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By Elizabeth Ritger Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: August 20, 2018

6 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: August 20, 2018 Featured Image

Happy back-to-school week! As you prepare to start yet another busy season, make sure you continue to stay on top of marketing trends. Today, check out the latest articles on web design, client experience and unique marketing strategies!

1. How Experts Measure Website Redesign Success via Databox

A website redesign is a significant undertaking that usually takes a lot of time and effort and involves several groups of stakeholders.  By the time marketing undertakes one, the process usually has to address multiple issues and achieve multiple goals.

It’s no wonder that most marketers told Databox it takes 2–3 months to complete a redesign:

And when the redesign is done, you want to see results.

But results don’t happen immediately. Well, sometimes they do—but more often, it’s a matter of weeks before you’ll know how the redesign has affected user behavior:

Even then, the success of a redesign is often a gray area. How do you know if your redesign was a success? Databox interviewed dozens of experts to find out.

2. Three Steps to End Your Day via Paul Kingsman

Your work is never done. Make a plan to effectively shut down for the day.

  • Accept there will still be work left to do.
  • Make a list of the first 3 things you’re going to do tomorrow morning.
  • Commit to a closedown time and routine.

3. Moments That Matter via SEI

One thing people often struggle with when considering client experience; it’s so broad and in many ways vague.  A client’s experience is how the sum of their interactions with a company makes them feel. Therefore it is personal to each client. So how do you design an experience that is pleasing to each individual client? In July, at the Client Experience in Financial Services conference, Allison Carey learned that identifying efficient interactions and moments that matter can help you do just that. These are very different interactions but both contribute to the client experience a company offers.

4. Marketing Secrets with Kristen Judd via Top Advisor Marketing

On Top Advisor Marketing Podcast they are always looking for people who are doing something from a marketing perspective that is unique and different. They aim to provide our audience with a variety of techniques and strategies that can execute in their own offices to see their marketing transform into sales. This guest brings experience and her own unique twist to creating sustainable and successful marketing. Joining them is Kristen Judd of Money Secrets and Five Rings Financial.

Kristen has successfully used pretty much every medium you can to market her business. From an attractive (and useful) website, to Facebook Pages/Groups, and a consistently active LinkedIn Campaign, Kirsten utilizes many of the tools every advisor has access to with an incredible success rate. Kristen offers her own insight into her use of Videos (both live and recorded) along with one of her key event campaigns, Wine, Women, and Wealth. Kristen has taken her marketing to a place where not only has she developed a successful business, but she’s also creating spaces to help women better understand their finances and their goals.

If you want to take your marketing and client experience to the next level, be sure to tune in the Kristen and Matt!

5. 20+ Stats to Guide Your Web Design Process via Social Media Today

Are you in the process of creating or redesigning your website? Want to understand how visitors view your site to achieve better results?

You’ll find 20+ key website usage stats in this infographic.

Stats are broken down into the following categories:

  • The power of digital influence
  • How quickly visitors decide whether to stay or go
  • How first impressions are made
  • Average viewing times of different elements on your site
  • Scrolling stats
  • Mobile responsive stats

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