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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: August 2, 2021

4 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: August 2, 2021 Featured Image

Happy August! Let’s kick off the week and month with a Five Little Things with some of our favorite reads on using video marketing in your communications to building your marketing strategy, email marketing and more!

1. How to Use Video in Your Marketing Communications | Summer School Lesson 12 via Three Crowns Marketing

Using video in your communications is a great idea as you are able to connect with your audience and provide them with useful information in short clips. When starting out, it’s important that you remember these 3 things:

  1. Good lighting
  2. Good audio
  3. Good video

Johnny Sandquist offers insight into each in the video below.

2. Episode 64: Building Your Marketing Strategy – The Seven Sequence via The Advisor Lab

In this podcast, we are taking time to walk through specifics on how to think about your marketing and growth as a financial advisor. There are different elements that you should be thinking about regarding your marketing. To find out more, be sure to give the podcast a listen.

The Advisor Lab

3. Is Email Marketing Dead? via The Podcast Factory

Financial advisors have been using email marketing to attract clients for decades but with the emergence of social media, people have been wondering if email marketing is dead. The answer is no! Email marketing is still an incredibly useful tactic. Give the podcast a listen and find out how to best do this.
The Podcast Factory

4. Repurpose, Repackage, Refresh: How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Advisor Content via Red Zone Marketing

Content creation is so important for financial advisors, but a common problem that almost all advisors run into is that they are short on time. One way to fix this is to repurpose your content and get more legs out of the content that you have already created. Here are 5 ways to do this.

  1. Pull out statistics
  2. Turn bite-sized information into short videos
  3. Make audiograms from audio or video content
  4. Turn blog posts into podcast episodes
  5. Turn your listicle into a carousel post

For more details about each tip, check out the entire article!

Red Zone Marketing

5. The Common Elements of Successful Advisory Firms via Advisor Perspectives

How do financial advisors find success and stand out?  Here are 3 main things that they should focus on?

  1. They have a niche
  2. They make an emotional connection
  3. Considering digital marketing tactics

Find out details into each in the full article.

Advisor Perspectives

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Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.