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By Justin Adams Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: The Unbiased Advisor

9 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: The Unbiased Advisor Featured Image

For today’s Advisor Website Showcase, we caught up with Krisnakant Patel of The Unbiased Advisor. Asking him questions about his firm, strategies, and what has inspired him to get to where he is today. We hope you enjoy his answers and insight as much as we did.





Using our Iris framework, The Unbiased Advisor site uses a toned-down earthy color palette to match the stunning grass and snow-covered mountains of Colorado. Along with a mesmerizing lake surrounded by rows of trees that go on as far as the eye can see.

There’s an emphasis on a one-page fits-all style as the landing page contains a majority of the site’s content except for the client login. It creates one beautiful scrolling page that has easy-to-navigate buttons so you never have to worry about finding what you need. The site also does a great job of helping visitors self-qualify, providing a section of the homepage that establishes what clients can expect by choosing The Unbiased Advisor.

Below is our Q&A with Krisnakant, covering the history of the firm, the site’s design, and some of the strategies The Unbiased Advisor uses. Read on to learn more, and discover inspiration for your own website. 

The Unbiased Advisor Q&A

1. Can you tell us a bit more about your services and the history of your firm?

I’ve been a financial advisor for twenty years and recently moved to Denver, CO. We have always strived to give unbiased options for our clients whether they can be implemented with my firm or not. Our main belief is that a financial plan a client can stick with is more valuable than an optimal plan they won’t stick with. Often times that requires educating the client on available options and working with them to determine which plan or portfolio will best suit their needs in the long run.

The Service Provided by the Unbiased Advisor

2. Your website was recently launched but already has a blog in place. Could you share some of your current plans for the blog and content strategy?

I’ve always thought education is the key to making better decisions. With that in mind, I started the blog about three years ago to discuss behavioral biases and how they affect investment outcomes. In addition, we hope to educate the public about investment theories and practices that might help people become better investors.

The Unbiased Advisor's Blog Page

3. For the design of your site, it looks like you really focused on nature. What made you decide to go with this theme? Any specific reasons?

I’m a bit outdoorsy, which is one of the reasons I wanted to move to Denver, and think nature is an integral part of our overall well-being. The more we can connect with it the better we are. I don’t mean this in a hocus-pocus way, but just that the more we are outdoors the more active we tend to be. I think it also brings a general sense of calmness and reflection which is often lacking in society today.

4. Social media is integral to the growth of your online presence and overall marketing strategy. We noticed you’re active on both LinkedIn and Twitter. Could you share a little bit about your choice of channels and general approach to social media?

I’ve never really had a social media strategy. Our first priority has always been to service existing clients as best we can, and then secondly grow the practice. Fortunately, all the hard work has paid off and I am now at a place where I’m able to provide for my family while at the same time giving my existing clients the service they deserve.

This is not to say that I don’t want to grow, we always would like more revenue, but that needs to be weighed vs. the service component. That said, Linkedin is basically a placeholder for the practice, while Twitter is a treasure trove of information and discussion. I use Twitter, more than anything, to keep up with the most recent thoughts on investor behavior and financial/investment theory.

5. Each of our website frameworks offers users a different experience. The Unbiased Advisor site uses our Iris Framework to create a strong and unforgettable first impression. What went into the process of deciding which framework to use?

Honestly, I just liked the flow of the website more than the other setups. I feel like someone visiting the site can easily get all their informational needs by scrolling down the site, instead of having to search for and click on items.

The Unbiased Advisor's Fees

6. If you could give other advisors any advice on redesigning or creating their website, what would it be?

Employ Twenty over Ten and follow Samantha Russell the “Chief Evangelist.”

7. How would you say your experience working with Twenty Over Ten has been?

Great! Twenty Over Ten has provided their input where I’ve requested, and best of all makes the compliance side of things super easy. Editing and managing the website is super easy and doesn’t take a master’s degree in HTML, though I imagine that would be helpful.

8. Your firm’s name is very unique, how did you come up with it?

The name is a bit misleading unless you’re able to view the actual logo, where we emphasize the biased part in the “unbiased.” I wanted to get across that even though I call myself unbiased, and strive to offer that to my clients, we really are all biased in one form or another. There is no getting away from that because it’s hardwired.

Daniel Kahneman, considered by many as the founder of behavioral finance with Amos Tversky, has stated that the best way to mitigate biases is to implement processes to eliminate emotional decision-making. Therefore we have set up processes for financial planning and portfolio construction, to not only make the practice more efficient but to reduce any biases which may come into play.


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