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By Paige Jones Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: ATON Financial

8 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: ATON Financial Featured Image


At Twenty Over Ten, we are proud of the work that we do for our amazing advisor clients everyday. Once we go live with a website, we like to have candid chats with our users to see how they like their new site and showcase their unique features and processes. This week, we got to speak with Eduardo Cases, Principal at ATON Financial. Eduardo and the ATON Financial team strive to bring a fresh perspective on investment advisory and financial planning services to their clients in Puerto Rico and throughout the United States.





1. Tell us about ATON Financial and what inspired you to start your Puerto Rico-based firm.

For a very long time, the investable assets in Puerto Rico have been concentrated mainly in large traditional brokerages houses. The main source of revenue for a broker/dealer in PR (as well as the mainland United States) has been the sale of proprietary products and underwriting for the local government bond issuances. “Registered Representatives” get compensated in commissions for each transaction, which has caused huge conflicts of interest due to the fact that their obligation as a broker is one of “suitability” and the primary channel of distribution for any proprietary product or underwriting issuance. These issues along with the lack of financial planning has caused a huge over-concentration in PR financial assets and a lack of confidence in the traditional broker/dealer model.

PR was in need of a model that enforced the fiduciary responsibilities to the advisors in order to provide the appropriate plan to achieve the client’s after tax financial goals. The Registered Investment Advisor model adheres to the Investment Advisor Act of 1940 which makes them bear fiduciary responsibility and are legally bound to act in the best interest of their clients. Even though we were going against the establishment, we knew it was the right path. And so, in 2014 we formed ATON. We are 4 years in and going on strong!

2. We just love how your chief personality officer is featured throughout the site! Tell us the story behind appointing Polo and the decision to use him as your brand’s mascot.

Polo is Marko’s dog (hence Marko-Polo…). Polo brings life and joy to our office. He is with us all day and our clients love him. We though it would be appropriate to give him a title and make him part our staff. He is on the payroll. We pay him in doggy with treats. We even plan to put his bio on our website! 

3. It seems like transparency and trust are a central value at your firm. Tell us why this is so important to you and how you establish this with your clients.

It is crucial to us that our clients understand that we are fiduciaries and the importance of transparency in order to regain the trust that has been lost for so many decades.

4. What pushed you to decide to build a new website?

Our website was okay, but we wanted more than just okay. We wanted the best website for an IRA. We needed a website that reflected who we are and what we stand for and Twenty Over Ten did just that. We looked at ALL of the RIA websites out there, I believe our is the best!

5. When it came to designing your website, what were some of your biggest challenges? And on the other hand, was there anything that came easier than you thought?

Our biggest challenge was making the site look and feel simple and clean without too much information and clutter while conveying our message. It also had to be practical and useful for our clients to login to their accounts and prospects to potentially write to us and find the information they are looking for. I have to give a shout out to our web designer at Twenty Over Ten, Michael Biggers, who was extremely patient with me. I had him change and add custom bullets – yes bullets! My high expectations did not overwhelm him at all, in fact I think he appreciated it. So, working with him was what made everything such a wonderful experience.

7.  We love your newsletter integration to provide customized and segmented up-to-date information to your clients based on their institutions and professions. Tell us more about your marketing strategy here and how you’ve seen it help grow your business.

Currently, we are sending the newsletter to our clients and some prospects on a monthly basis. It helps us to keep in touch with the clients and keep them up to date with the news.

8. You guys are off to a great start building your online presence with an awesome new website! Are you leveraging any other digital marketing tools for your firm? 

We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to promote our services on social media. We are trying to keep up and post on a regular basis until we hire a millennial to take charge of this!

9. If you could give one piece of advice to other advisors and financial planning firms that are considering redesigning their website, what would it be?

Contact Twenty Over Ten right now. Don’t do what we did. After we researched all of the web designer companies and compared rates we waited and waited and spent almost 6 months until we got around to it. You are not going to find a better website designer company than Twenty Over Ten.

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