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By Justin Adams Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Tatra Wealth Management

9 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Tatra Wealth Management Featured Image

Tatra Wealth Financial Advisor HomePage

For today’s Financial Advisor Website Showcase blog, we’ll be exploring the Tatra Wealth Management site. Built on our Fresnel framework, the Tatra Wealth site offers the perfect example of an effective advisor website. Read on to learn what features make it successful and to discover inspiration for your own design.





Based out of Ramsey, New Jersey the Tatra Wealth site uses our Fresnel framework to provide a traditional, well-organized user experience.

With an educational approach to advising, supported by features like a blog, the site is consistent in its goal of providing the guidance, education, and skill needed to help manage your finances.

Below are 5 features that reinforce this message, along with a few reasons these features work. Let’s dive in.

5 Important Elements Featured on the Tatra Wealth Management Site

1. A Strong Homepage

Your site’s homepage is the first thing a visitor sees and thus should carry the most impact. The goal of a homepage is to set up the visitor with everything they might need to know about your firm and what sets it apart. Offering easy navigation is crucial along with a message pushing visitors to take the next step.

Tatra Wealth’s homepage does a good job of setting a potential client up for success. Their landing page is clean and the navigation bars are labeled perfectly, letting you know what they do before you even click on them. Tatra also includes a wonderful hero message, stating that “Wealth is defined by you” and they’re there to help you navigate through your financial journey. The focus is on growth at your own rate to achieve your goals and find the life balance you’ve been looking for.

As for the next step? That’s where the CTA comes in.  The “Schedule a Call” button pulls up a calendar that allows you to not only choose a call date but the length of said call. They let their clients decide how they want to progress things which allows for great service customization.

Tatra Wealth Financial Advisor HomePage

2. Clear Ideal Audience

Tatra Wealth does a great job of helping visitors self-qualify, by showing exactly who their ideal audience is. They want to help hardworking individuals, families, and businesses to achieve their goals. They know that the financial world can be difficult to navigate but they want to be your Magellan. Their missions statement is to “Provide education, understanding and peace of mind to those that we serve.” It’s made clear that they want to help you learn about finances so that you can understand what their services are doing for you.

They even have a description of the type of client you may be. Whether it’s an individual professional, a business owner, or a pre-retiree/retiree. They want to customize your experience and make sure they do what’s best for you. It shows that they’re really passionate about their work and care for their clients.

Tatra Wealth What Describes You Page

3. An Educational Blog

In continuing with Tatra Wealth’s desire to teach, they have included an educational section on their site that provides visitors with a consistently updated blog. Sharing important information about today’s financial climate and current events that might affect it. As earlier stated, Tatra is all about educating their site visitors with a wealth of subjects. From NFTs to the importance of 401(k)s.

Their blogs are built as small chunks of information which is perfect for those looking for a quick read. The information is relevant and goes over the most important aspects of the topic.

Tatra Wealth's Blog Page

4. A Clear Process Page

Tatra Wealth is all about transparency, they want to ensure their clients get the best and that means being clear about their work. Providing their way of working allows clients to feel more comfortable by understanding the process used on their financial journey. The site is all about reiterating the importance of education. Knowing what is being done allows a client to have peace of mind knowing their finances are in good hands.

The best thing about the approach page is that it’s nice and simplified. It tells you the process of working with Tatra and what to expect from it. All you have to do is schedule a call and they’ll take care of you and all your financial advisory needs.

Tatra Wealth's Approach to Financial Advisory

5. An About Page

Tatra Wealth’s about me is on the precipice of perfection as it does everything an about page should do. It lets site visitors know who Tatra Wealth is and its mission statement. They’re there for you to go on a financial journey and to help navigate you to your destination. Not only that, but they’re extremely transparent about how their fees work and what it means for the client in terms of payment.

Then comes the team. Each member has a professional-looking photo, along with a description of their position. But it gets even better, click on their picture and you’ll be able to view and read a biography that further explains who they are and what they do. It’s a very inviting page that allows a visitor to get to know the team so when they finally pull the trigger, they’re not talking to strangers, but people they know.

About me for Tatra Wealth

That’s a Wrap!

It’s always exciting to see what our clients come up with when working with our design team. Each site is different and shows off the unique personality of the financial advisor it works with. The way each site leverages design and marketing best practices to attract and convert leads is a great source of inspiration. What’s most satisfying though is how these combine to create a unique website for each advisor.

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