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By Justin Adams Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Seaside Wealth Management

9 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Seaside Wealth Management Featured Image

Homepage of seaside wealth both mobile and desktop views

For today’s Advisor Website Showcase, we had a chance to talk with Stephanie Page of Seaside Wealth Management. We asked Stephanie questions about the firm, its strategies and how it got to where  are. We enjoyed our exchange with Stephanie and hope you like her answers as much as we did!





Using our Fresnel framework, The Seaside Wealth Management site takes inspiration from the sea for its design while providing relevant information in an efficient manner.

Site navigation is clean, ensuring visitors and clients can easily find the information they’re seeking. The site’s visual appeal is both impressive and functional, guiding the eye to critical page elements. Making sure that visitors know what they’re looking for, the Seaside Wealth Management site addresses visitor concerns on the homepage – acting as a perfect example of the 5-second rule while helping visitors self-qualify.

Below is our Q&A with Stephanie, covering the history of the firm, the site’s design and some of the strategies Seaside Wealth Management uses. Read on to learn more, and discover inspiration for your own website. 

1. Can you tell us a little more about your services and the history of your firm?

Coming out of college, our President and founder Brad Lineberger interviewed with all the big wirehouse firms and was turned off by the sales culture found at these companies. It seemed as if all they cared about was making money for themselves and not about the well-being of the clients. For this reason, he pivoted and became a firefighter, spending 11 years serving the communities of Chula Vista and Orange County. This allowed him the flexibility to pursue his passion of becoming a financial planner. After spending 5 years as part of various teams, he launched Seaside Wealth Management 10 years ago.

A Promise they give to their clients

As President and Founder of Seaside Wealth Management, he has created a unique, comprehensive wealth management firm that provides unbiased guidance and robust financial planning for individuals, families, and small businesses. He helps his clients in clarifying their goals, navigating the issues that impact their finances, and creating financial peace for their future in retirement. He is dedicated to promoting financial literacy in the community and has a passion for teaching and helping others succeed. He served on the Board of the San Diego Financial Planning Association and is a past Chair of the Programs Committee. He frequently volunteers his time and teaches Retirement Planning Today courses at Mira Costa College.

The Who We Are of Seaside Wealth

Our Services:

  • Investment/Wealth Management
    Personalized/Custom Tailored Portfolios
    Tax Planning
    Retirement Income Solutions / Invest Smarter
    Social Security Timing

2. Blogs are great for gaining traction and bringing in new clients. How has your approach to blogging been so far? What led you to start blogging in the first place?

Educating and empowering our clients and our community. We initially started out by using prewritten marketing content, however, we found that original content was better received by our clients. Our approach to blogging so far has been to send original content twice a month. We listen to our clients, whichever topics or concerns they bring up in our trigger to write or post about this topic.

The Blog That Seaside Wealth Uses to Educate

3. Social media is integral to the growth of your online presence and overall marketing strategy. You seem to be pretty active on both Facebook and LinkedIn. What approach do you take when it comes to posting on social media?

Our approach to posting on social media is similar to our approach to blogging. We write original content twice a month and email it to all of our clients and prospects, then we post it to our company’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We are in the process of trying out new options including boosting the posts, and we are doing our best to utilize SEO! Any other suggestions that Twenty Over Ten has would be greatly appreciated!Seaside's approach to investments

4. Each of our website frameworks offers users a different experience. The Seaside Wealth Management site uses our Fresnel Framework to create a strong and unforgettable first impression. What went into the process of deciding which framework to use?

We preferred the overall feel of Fresnel. The ease of having the hero page with the top toolbar looked better to us than the Prism, pupil, or other options.


5. If you could give other advisors any advice on redesigning or creating their website, what would it be?

Be ultra-specific on the target market you are trying to attract. Hold brainstorming sessions with your team to discuss the overall brand image first. Make sure everyone is on board!

6. How has your experience with Twenty Over Ten been so far?

Great! The website creation and development was a seamless process. Learning the Twenty Over Ten systems has so far been easy!

7. Your firm has a very planned-out approach to helping your clients but seems to focus on 6 areas of financial strategy including investment management, tax planning, and more. How did you settle on these areas?

Our goal is to create peace around the issue of money. In order to accomplish this, we try to touch on all 7 principles from the CFP Board of Financial Planning which include Professional Conduct and regulation, and Principles of Financial Planning. Risk Management and Insurance Planning, Investment Planning. Tax Planning, Retirement Savings, Income Planning, and Estate Planning. We work with our clients as partners, providing them with counsel as they make the best use of their financial resources to lead a fulfilling life.

6 Ways They Help Customers

8. If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would it be and why?

Freshly caught Ahi Tuna or broccoli. I’m gluten-free so my options are limited!

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