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By Blair Kelly Outreach

4 Creative Ways Financial Advisors Can Use Calls-To-Action + 6 Examples

13 minute read
4 Creative Ways Financial Advisors Can Use Calls-To-Action + 6 Examples Featured Image

Do you feel as though your website has everything it needs, such as strong keywords, good site structure and content? But, if it just doesn’t seem to be driving as many conversions as you would like, you might be missing a critical aspect, and that’s a call-to-action. In this blog, we are going to break down how to use calls to action plus creative ways that advisors have used them on their website.

Call-To-Action Best Practices

So, what exactly is a call-to-action? It is text or a graphic that is strategically placed on a website to entice visitors to take a proactive step in engaging with your business. Ideally, it should be a short phrase of only be 3-5 words that conveys a sense of urgency, prompting your users to take the next step.

When it comes to creating a strong call-to-action, there are a few things to keep in mind.

      • It should be straightforward
      • It should tell the user what they will get if they click on it
      • Make sure it’s located in an easy-to-find spot
      • It needs to be visually eye-catching that compels the visitor to take action
      • Use action-oriented using verbs like “download” or “register”
      • It should be large enough to see but not too distracting

And when they are done correctly, CTAs can help with great engagement, lead capture and lead generation.

CTA image

As you can see in the image above, 70% of small business websites lack a call to action. They are missing out on this crucial aspect of their website that makes advisors take that next crucial step down the sales funnel. And when it comes to incorporating them on your website, there are different ways to go about this and get creative, which will entice visitors even more.

4 Ways Advisors Can Get Creative with Call-To-Actions

1. Use More Than One CTA for Multiple Audiences

Even though we tell advisors that catering to a specific niche is the best way to connect with specific audiences and get more out of your marketing dollar, there are times when advisors are going to serve more than one audience. And using more than one CTA for each audience is a great way to seamlessly lead prospects around your site and create transparent sections for each niche.

2. Bring Up A Problem, Then Show A Solution

In a study by 1st Financial Training Services, they found that 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, however, 91% of those customers will leave and just not return. A way to fix this is to write your CTA in the following way:

  • Identify a problem
  • Agitate the problem
  • Offer a solution

So, determine the pain points of your niche, pique their interest and then offer a solution. It’s a great way to draw in your audience and make more people click your CTA.

3. Offer Something Free

People love free, so whether you offer them the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter, download an eBook or whitepaper, whatever it may be, make sure you are using this in your CTAs. If prospects simply provide a name and email, then they can receive this useful information that shows the value you provide and you get their contact information so you can drip on them. It’s a win-win situation!

4. Personalize Your Call-To-Actions

If you personalize your CTA, you can boost your conversion rate by over 200%. So, make sure you are paying attention to the data that you have and then subtly adjust the wording of your CTA based on the user location, whether they’re an existing customer or new lead and other relevant factors that may make your visitors more likely to click the button.

6 Examples of Advisors Using Call-To-Actions

1. Great River Financial

Great River Financial has incorporated multiple call to actions throughout their website that makes it incredibly easy for visitors to get exactly where they need to go. After clicking on the “Start Here” button on their hero image, visitors are then led to many options, where they can schedule an introduction call with Josh Wolberg. Below there, visitors can follow the five simple steps where they either can schedule a call or download a questionnaire. It is incredibly streamlined and gives multiple options to take the next crucial step.

Great River Financial

2. Sustainable Wealth Management

We are loving the tranquil feel of Sustainable Wealth Management’s homepage as the waves roll in. Immediately upon landing on their website, you have the feeling of serenity and are met with beautiful images and two CTAs that very clearly stand out against the natural background. We love the casual yet enticing phrase on their main CTA below the header, “See What We Can Do For You.” By clicking on this, visitors are taken to a page displaying their offerings and process so that they can find out more.

Sustainable Wealth Management

Not only do they have the main CTA in the middle of the hero image, but the static one in the bottom right-hand corner takes visitors to their Calendly page so that they can easily schedule a complimentary 30-minute meeting with Linde Carroll or Justin Curtiss.

They are really nailing the tone of their calls to action throughout their website, as visitors navigate to the Process page, they encounter another one with the phrase, “It All Starts With a Conversation,” then below that the CTA says, “Start Yours.”

Sustainable Wealth Management
The whole feel to their website is one that puts prospects at ease, making that next step much easier for them. They have nailed it with their CTAs, and we love how they incorporated them into their website.

3. Pillar Capital

How cool is Pillar Capital’s homepage? The drone shot above the street and lush trees gives visitors the feel that they are soaring towards a stronger retirement. And the text, “You only get one retirement. Make it a great one,” immediately followed by the CTA, “Are You Retirement Ready?” really gets visitors thinking about their next big step. Once you click on the call to action, you are taken to the Riskalyze page to determine your risk number so you can plan for a stronger retirement.

Pillar Capital

4. Sage Financial Advisors

Based out of Reno, Nevada, Sage Financial Advisors provides financial advice for individuals and business owners. With beautiful Lake Tahoe in the background, the CTA “Create A Better Wealth Plan,” stands out, prompting visitors to take action. Once clicked on, visitors are taken to the “process” page where they can discover exactly what they can expect when working with the firm, therefore moving them further down the sales funnel.

Sage Financial Advisors

Once a visitor scrolls down further, they notice the CTA, “Discover If We’re A Fit” where visitors can learn more about the Sage Financial Advisors’ team to see if working with them would be a good fit.

Sage Financial Advisors

5. AssetWise Financial Group

We are all about the “team oriented” feel in the CTA on AssetWise Financial Group’s as it says “Let’s Team Up.” By clicking on the main CTA, visitors are taken to the contact page where they can easily reach the team. And in the bottom right hand corner, the static CTA, “Schedule Time To Talk,” leads visitors to a Calendly pop-up where prospects can easily schedule a 15 minute meeting with Ned Tyree.

AssetWise Financial

Once visitors scroll down, they will see another strategically placed CTA near the bottom, with the option to “Explore Their Offerings” where they go into detail about the types of clients that they serve with customized solutions and then another CTA at the end of that page. It makes for an incredibly streamlined feel where visitors can navigate the site with ease.

AssetWise Financial

6. Oswego Wealth Management

Oswego Wealth Management has a beautiful homepage, much like the one above. With water as clear as glass, it’s easy for the not one, but three different call to actions to stand out. Whether you are an individual or a family looking to work with an advisor or a business owner, they make it easy to choose your path on the website. And located in the bottom right-hand corner, by clicking on “Schedule A Call,” visitors are taken to the contact page where they can schedule a call with Managing Partner, Dave Riback through OnceHub or reach out via phone.

Oswego Wealth

That’s a Wrap!

How good were these calls to action? In an industry as crowded as the financial one, it’s more important than ever to do the things that help you stand out from the competition. And including creative CTAS is the perfect way to do this. When it comes to getting visitors to take that next crucial step to find out more, these advisors nailed it.

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Blair is a social media and marketing coordinator at FMG Suite and Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.


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