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By Justin Adams Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Resilience Wealth Management

10 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Resilience Wealth Management Featured Image

Resilience Wealth Management Homepage

For today’s Financial Advisor Website Showcase blog, we’ll be exploring the Resilience Wealth Management site. Built on our Forge framework, the Tatra Wealth site offers the perfect example of an effective advisor website. Read on to learn what features make it successful and to discover inspiration for your own design.





Based out of Schaumburg, Illinois the Resilience Wealth Management site uses our Enhanced plan to provide clients with a beautiful site that is easy to navigate and makes the user experience enjoyable.

Resilience gears their site towards letting their clients know exactly what they’re in for with step-by-step explanations of how their services work and what they can do for you. Following a who, why, what, how pattern, Resilience is here to help you go far in your financial journey.

Below are 5 features that reinforce this message, along with a few reasons these features work. Let’s dive in.

5 Important Elements Featured on the Resilience Wealth Management Site

1. A Welcoming Homepage

Your site’s homepage is the first thing a visitor sees and thus should carry the most impact. The goal of a homepage is to set up the visitor with everything they might need to know about your firm and what sets it apart. Offering easy navigation is crucial along with a message pushing visitors to take the next step.

The Resilience Wealth homepage instantly makes you feel at some with a stunning image of a mountain vista and words assuring you that they’re here to help you. From there, it’s easy to tell that navigation of the site was one of the first things thought of when creating the website. The tabs are laid out nice and neatly with labels that let you know exactly what to expect from each page.

Resilience Wealth Management Homepage

Let’s get back to the hero message, “Experience the Retirement You’ve Always Wanted.” These words let the client know what Resilience wants to help them achieve. Their mission is to make sure that YOU are able to enjoy your retirement without worry and that they’re here to help you reach that goal. With a CTA that invites you to “Discover What We Offer,” this homepage has been handcrafted to ensure the success of your endeavors.

2. Personable Meet the Team

Any customer wants to know that they’re being taken care of by people who care and want to see them succeed. Along with being assured that they’re in good hands. That’s where Resilience’s great “Who We Are” page comes to show itself off.

The page starts off with a quote by Grandpa stating “You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the sails.” Then goes into detail about how hard work has been a cornerstone in their family and that as long as you work hard and plan, you’ll have the freedom to do what you want in your retirement. They want you to know that Resilience is and always will be a family company with people who make your concerns their own.

Resilience Wealth Management Who we are

They don’t stop just there. You might know what the company stands for but who is the company? Well, just hover over the smiling faces and click to read the biographies of those who you’ll be working with. Each biography details the experiences of the team member and what has led them to Resilience. Going into detail about why they do what they do and what they bring to the table. It’s not all business though, each team member describes what they like to do for fun, everything from fishing to participating in charity events.

3. Close Looks at What Sets them Apart

In today’s financial landscape, there are thousands and even tens of thousands of different financial advisors all vying for your business. That makes it very important for those advisors to set themselves apart from the crowd. Resilience does this in a simple yet wonderful way.

Resilience-Wealth Management Why Us

Most sites have a “What We Do” or “Why Us” page. Here they might go into paragraphs about what their company can do for you and why they should be trusted with your finances. Resilience does this too, but in a way that respects you as a potential client. They have four unique ways that set them apart from other financial advisors and each one explains what they do so well. From being there for you when you need them most to allowing customization that other businesses just can’t offer. They set themselves apart by being unique and offering services that other advisors just can’t do, along with unparalleled high-quality service.

4. Highlighting What They Offer

People tend to visit websites when they have an idea of what they want. They go to Amazon to order products, Best Buy for electronics and advisor sites for financial services. Resilience makes sure to let them know exactly what they’re offering.

Resilience-Wealth-Management What we offer

5 areas of planning are taken into account on the Resilience Wealth site, including income planning, investment planning, tax planning, legacy planning, and healthcare planning. Each section has a description of the service. It’s easy to understand and highlights what to expect from each area of expertise. It’s all about building a retirement plan and each section is a building block that they handcraft and personalize to fit your needs.

5. Explaining How it Works

It’s easy enough to tell a client what you may offer, but explaining how it works for them is another beast entirely. With Resilience Wealth, customers don’t have to worry.

Resilience Wealth Management How it works

Resilience assures clients by explaining how their process works in 4 steps. Each step is detailed on the site, the first being a meeting, the second a deep dive into finances, the third being deciding the financial plan, and the last being continual monitoring. Of course, these are just short summaries of each step, but it’s great to see the transparency that Resilience shows in its services. They let you know what their plan is for you so you know what to look forward to.

That’s a Wrap!

It’s always exciting to see what our clients come up with when working with our design team. Each site is different and shows off the unique personality of the financial advisor it works with. The way each site leverages design and marketing best practices to attract and convert leads is a great source of inspiration. What’s most satisfying though is how these combine to create a unique website for each advisor.

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