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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Ascension College Planning

10 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Ascension College Planning Featured Image

Angela Caballero

For our most recent “Financial Advisor Website Showcase” series blog, we got to chat with Angela M. Caballero, CFP® MS,  founder of Ascension College Planning. We always love finding out more about our clients, so keep reading to find out some interesting things about Ascension College Planning and their founder!






1. Ascencion College Planning targets a really unique niche. Tell us about how you got into working with those individuals and families who are planning for college.

My step-daughter is a senior graduating from high school in the Spring of 2020. I realized from our family’s own experience the college planning process is very opaque and wrought with challenging hurdles and deadlines. Many families and students have worked incredibly hard and sacrificed in the pursuit of college education, only to graduate with unnecessarily high student loan debt. Investing in a college education should be a stepping stone to a higher standard of living and the ability to pay it forward, not to delaying life due to excessive student loan payments.

2. We love to see that you’re so connected with your local community and chose to showcase your partnerships and events on your website. Tell us more about your event strategy as it relates to marketing and what successes you’ve seen thus far.

I am proud to be heavily invested in this community because this is MY community. As a third-generation native Tucsonan, I believe advancing postsecondary education is an integral part of attaining what is necessary for education and workforce alignment for Arizona to have a thriving economy for future generations. Ascension College Planning is positioned to act as a catalyst in the relentless pursuit of this goal. The successes we have seen thus far can be attributed to paying it forward and volunteering time with local high schools and the Arizona FAFSA Challenge.

Ascension events

3. We love the distinct logo that you developed for your firm with our branding team. Could you tell us a little bit more about the logo design process that you went through with us and any tips for those who may be looking to rebrand their businesses?

The design team at Twenty Over Ten was absolutely AMAZING at interpreting my purpose and mission into the perfect digital representation. The Ascension College Planning logo embodies everything from my spiritual calling to my professional expertise and heartfelt tenacity to assist my clients in pursuit of their family goals. I would encourage anyone considering rebranding their business, or starting a new one, to leverage the expertise and creativity of the Twenty Over Ten team.

4. It’s important to have a strong presence on social media and we love that you are active on the big three – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We think your current approach of posting relevant content in the midst of the current Coronavirus outbreak is great! Could you tell us more about your social media strategy and any additional tools you may use to help you better manage your social presence?

Social media is an important part of educating and staying connected with those we aim to serve. Twenty Over Ten does a fantastic job of integrating with digital platforms to make posting and staying in contact easier. The integration with MailChimp is awesome – it allows me to share educational pieces via social media and email to keep my audience apprised and able to make an informed decision.

Ascension Facebook

5. With the cost of college tuition constantly increasing, it’s getting harder for families and students to pay for their college education. So, providing your visitors and clients with useful and free tools like your ebook is a great idea. How has creating a freemium as this helped with your lead generation?

I believe offering “freemiums” is absolutely necessary for the pursuit of the Ascension College Planning mission to end the student loan crisis, one family at a time. As is evident from our mission, assets under management and fees collected is not what moves our needle at Ascension College Planning. We are committed to providing resources to families of all levels of need, in order to assist our children in their pursuit of education and reach our goals as a community.

ebook from ascension college planning

6. It’s important to be transparent about the cost of your services, we are huge supporters of including your fees on your site. We love to see how you’ve outlined your process and pricing structure to be very clear and upfront. Have you noticed that your quality of leads and initial meetings are more efficient because you’ve disclosed this information upfront?

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and fee-only planner, it is important to me that services are provided in a clear and easily understandable manner, free of conflict of interest. Outlining service fees on the website is an efficient way to communicate to clients what services they will receive for a respective fee. If clients find themselves in need of assistance in addition to our “freemiums,” the process is clear.

Ascension Planning fees

7. We’re all about making things as simple as possible for prospects and integrating Calendly into your website does just that. What successes have you experienced since incorporating a meeting scheduling software on your website?

Our days are filled with work and family. Integrating Calendly into my website allows prospects and clients to schedule meetings in a few simple clicks, for a time convenient to all parties, rather than playing phone tag or email exchange with office personnel. Calendly alerts me to scheduled meetings, which automatically show up on my calendar. Using Calendly is a simple, convenient, and efficient use of everyone’s time and energy. Brilliant.

The most important tip I could possibly share with financial advisors looking to redesign their website is to contact the Twenty Over Ten team!

-Angela M. Caballero CFP® MS, Ascension College Planning

8. What has been the most rewarding part of your job? Is there a particular story that you would like to share?

As an Adjunct Professor at the University of Arizona, I frequently have conversations with my students regarding their student loan burden. The most rewarding part of my job would be to ultimately have a conversation with a student who graduated with reasonable student loan debt as a result of meeting with a CFP® specializing in College Planning.

9. If you could share your most important tip for financial advisors looking to redesign their website, what would it be?

The most important tip I could possibly share with financial advisors looking to redesign their website is to contact the Twenty Over Ten team!

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