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By Stuart Farst Outreach

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: On-Track Wealth Management

11 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: On-Track Wealth Management Featured Image


For today’s financial advisor showcase, we caught up with Jeremy Whiddon, Partner and CMO of On-Track Wealth Management to discuss the web design process and tell us more about On-Track Wealth Management. Built on our Fresnel Framework, read on to learn more about the unique features, tools and experience that helped make this site stand out.

Based out of Canton, Michigan, On-Track Wealth Management uses our Fresnel Framework to provide an elegant and engaging experience.

Clean navigational features make it easy to explore services. While imagery and copy support branding to make the site unique and memorable to clients and visitors alike.

On-Track Wealth Management’s site offers inspiration for any advisor looking to create their own website. So let’s dive in to learn more about the firm’s history and experience with the design process.

On-Track Wealth Management Q&A

1. Can you tell us a bit more about your services and the history behind your firm?

We are a true, comprehensive wealth management firm. We get to know the financial gaps and needs of our clients so we can build custom financial plans and investment management strategies that achieve success. Our firm is built on the idea that integrating tax preparation and tax forecasting alongside ongoing investment management produces better results.

2. What is a “typical day” like at On-Track?

It is difficult to identify a “typical day” because of the comprehensive nature of our services. We are constantly striving to be better advisors to our clients.  Sometimes, you will find us doing research on investments or IRS rulings looking for ways we can inform and implement better strategies.  Other days we are talking directly with clients to ensure we are on the right path for their evolving needs.

3. Including a meeting scheduler on your website is another great way to boost lead generation. In fact, we conducted a survey and found that advisors who get 6-10 or 11+ clients per year had a calendar link on their website. Have you noticed an uptick in qualified leads since integrating a tool like this on your website?


We don’t have a full year to measure our new website upon currently. However, within the first month of deploying the meeting scheduler, we booked an appointment that turned into a wonderful client that we expect to serve for a long time! 

Our focus is to meet clients where they are at. For some, this means a Zoom or Teams virtual meeting; for others, this means we meet at their house or our office. We are cognizant that clients aren’t just looking for advice and input from 9a to 5pm Monday through Friday. 

We make ourselves available to new and existing clients day AND night, weekday AND weekend. This philosophy is not just lip service. We offer calendar availability seven days a week through our meeting scheduler on our website to match up with our client’s desires.

4. We often discuss how important it is to include fees on your website for the sake of transparency. We love that you have chosen to incorporate fees on your website. How has this feature affected the quality of your leads?



As a fee-only, fiduciary advisor we embrace transparency in all aspects of our client relationships. We include a unique 5-year milestone fee discount to clients.  It’s our way to say thank you for your loyalty! 

We seek long-term relationships and so do our clients. As prospects browse our website and do the research to compare advisors, fees are one of the most important questions they have. If you don’t answer that question out front for them you are likely to be mistrusted because, perhaps, there are hidden fees or commissions. We don’t believe in that model and our clients appreciate our upfront candor on fees.

5. What are three tools that you could not live without, and why are they so important to you and your firm?

Truth be told, one of the most important tools we use is our ears!

There are three distinct platforms that our firm stands upon to build incredible value for our clients:

Financial Planning – everything starts with building a comprehensive plan. Truth be told, one of the most important tools we use is our ears!  We listen intently to our clients because that dialogue is critical to building out solutions that fit their needs. Naturally, there is a science that goes into the planning process too and for that portion, we pressure test and augment our planning by using programs like RightCapital.  Financial planning software cannot be a crutch for performing true planning; however, it can help to build a more holistic roadmap inclusive of some highly sophisticated algorithms and charts that enhance the process.  That’s how we incorporate technology along with our very own intellectual capital. 

Tax Planning – we use multiple technologies that support tax planning and preparation.  They enable our team to catch things that might otherwise go unnoticed.  Bottom-line it helps us make better decisions related to taxes and those decisions often have a very positive impact on long-term financial planning.

Investment Management – As much as we focus attention on financial planning, clients are naturally inclined to focus on their investments and the returns. We employ a combination of proprietary research and tools like YCharts to understand, visualize, and analyze markets trends, as well as build portfolio-level analyses that include measures of alpha and beta.  Our strategy is to provide clients with the appropriate portfolio construction and strong performance adjusted for costs, taxes, and risks.  

6. If you could give other advisors looking to redesign their website just one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Work with a firm that specializes in financial advisor websites!

7. In terms of marketing and growth, where do you see your firm headed in the next 5 years?

We are growing significantly yet sustainably. That is exactly our game plan. We are focused on providing fantastic results and client experiences that enable goals to be met. Much like clients are NOT just looking for ANY financial planner, we are NOT just looking for ANY clients. We believe the best results are possible when clients understand our philosophies and we understand theirs.

Accordingly, our growth will be marked not by how many clients we can onboard, but rather by what type of clients we can build long-term relationships. Finding that fit is a win-win where everyone grows together. 

8. Was there any part of the website design process that you were not looking forward to or thought might be difficult that turned out to be better than you initially thought?

SEO has always been a bit of a moving target and therefore sort of daunting to us. That said, we thought the SEO essentials package was well worth getting to better understand and position our firm for success.

Final Thoughts

It’s exciting to see the results of advisors working with our design team. The way each site leverages design, marketing and SEO best practices to attract and convert leads is a great source of inspiration. What’s most satisfying though is how these combine to create a unique website for each advisor.

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