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By Andrei Paras Videos

Visual Marketing for Financial Advisors: 3 Examples to Improve Your Marketing

6 minute read
Visual Marketing for Financial Advisors: 3 Examples to Improve Your Marketing Featured Image

Our brains process imagery 60,000 times faster than text. And today in our scroll and scan society, the way you get people’s attention and get them to get your message really, really quickly and absorb it is more important than ever. In this week’s video Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite shares three quick examples of how to use visuals on your website, in emails and in social media to get your message across really quickly and convert more prospects and engage your clients even better.


3 Great Visual Examples to Improve Your Marketing

1. Email Visual

So this first example that I have for you here is a beautiful illustration from Dimensional Funds.

And basically, it’s showing you that historically, after every bear market, there is a Bull market. This is a message that we can tell clients over and over again when they are in the midst of being stressed about market volatility or if there’s a downturn. But if we show them a visual like this, how much more powerful it is rather than just repeating ourselves or writing an email. So popping a visual like this in an email when you’re trying to calm people during market volatility or correction can be huge.

2. Website Visual

Let’s look at an example next from websites. So when somebody comes to your website and you’re trying to explain to them the value you provide, how you can help them, you want to get that message across really quickly. Right? We have just seconds to make a first impression. So I love this example here.

The first part of the image is showing you that there’s all of this text, and if you will read it all, it basically says we will act as your family’s CFO. We’ll take all of the different elements that make up your financial life, and we’ll have an integrated approach. But that’s a lot of paragraphs to read. And not everyone is going to read your website the way they read a book. They’re scrolling and scanning. Right. So let’s look at this other example next to it, which is a visual that was created where someone is saying, we’ll operate as your family’s CFO. And you can see this one person sitting here and then they show you all the different things that they can help you with. Boom. Within seconds you get the message, they’re going to help me with estate planning, with my taxes, with investments. And you don’t have to read paragraphs of text to get that. So a visual like this on your website, huge improvements.

3. Social Media Visual

And then the last one I want to show is from social media. So when you’re sharing things on social media and you share a link to a blog post or an article, think really carefully about what is the image that’s going to come up when you pop that link in on social media. Right. So if you’ve ever shared something, you know that when you put the link in, something is going to pop up that’s going to be the visual that goes along with your posts. So my friend Jason here he had a blog post that was showing all the different fintech options available for financial advisers in Canada and it’s a really great piece.

He’s got tons of great information. But when he went to share the link to the blog post, all it was was this big blue circle logo that’s pulling directly from his blog post. So I reached out to him and said if you were to change that and make it the infographic from the blog post itself, you’re going to get so much more engagement. And so he did. And the difference was 1800 views when it was just a link to the blog post versus over 11,000 views on that same exact piece of content when it was the infographic with the tech layout and a map. So hopefully these three ideas will give you some insight into the power of visuals and how you can use them. Think creatively about what kinds of visuals you can use in your own marketing if you need help, certainly reach out to us at FMG suite, we have an entire content library with some really powerful visuals that you can use as well. And if you thought this video was helpful, give it a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe because every single week on our YouTube channel we share a marketing tip just like this.