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By Andrei Paras Videos

Social Media Content for Financial Advisors: Post Ideas Proven to Get the Most Engagement

10 minute read
Social Media Content for Financial Advisors: Post Ideas Proven to Get the Most Engagement Featured Image

Ever been stuck wondering “What should I post next” or “How do I get more engagement on my content”? In this week’s video Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite shares post ideas proven to get the most engagement for financial advisors.

Post Ideas Proven To Get More Engagement

Let’s face it, being a financial advisor and trying to come up with content that is engaging to post on social media can be really hard. I’m Samantha Russell, the chief evangelist at FMG Suite & Twenty Over Ten. And today I am going to share with you six proven posts that you can try that when you post them, you’re going to get more engagement from your social media networks.

1. Misconception – Financial Services Content Is Boring

Okay, so let’s jump right in. The first thing I want to show you is that there is this misconception, that financial services content is boring. But look at this right here.

This post proves the rule that this is just plain wrong. This post got 766 comments that shows us that this is just not true. Dave Lowell here is basically saying if you’re a high income earner, you could hit financial independence so much sooner than you realize. He says. I worked with this couple and I helped them twelve times their net worth. Get into the 0% tax bracket. Retire up to 15 years early, goes on and on. And then he says, if you want to get the case study comment below. This is a great strategy. The comment below. Strategy rather than just giving away whatever it is that you have a blog post, an eBook, a video. Tell people if you want it, leave a comment below. Now, this is not something you can do all of the time, but every once in a while it is a great strategy. So that’s strategy number one, the comment below strategy.

2. Be Social!

Let’s talk about strategy number two, getting conversations going on social media. So many people post media to social media, but they forget about being social. The whole point is we want to start conversations, right? Nobody’s waking up in the morning thinking, I really need a new tax strategy. Let me go to LinkedIn and see if I can find one. They’re going there to be entertained, to be educated, to connect with people. So here are some examples of what I mean.

You can start a poll. We see these all the time in our LinkedIn feeds like Derek Notman has here. I love this tweet from Matthew Kobach. What do you miss most about the pre Internet world? Or here’s one that I posted myself. You meet your 18 year old self and you’re allowed to say five words. What would you say? And in fact, the most common response I got to that one. You can see. There was 317 responses was by Bitcoin. So all great examples, though, of how to get a conversation going on social media. It doesn’t always have to pertain to finances or exactly what you do. You just want to be social and start those conversations.

3. Ask Questions

Okay, third, tip, ask questions and your post if you’re sharing some sort of tip or strategy and your post with the question. So here’s an example from the financial gym.

They’re talking about different budgeting strategies. And then at the end they say, which is your favorite method after they’ve explained them. Right. So this is a post of theirs on Instagram. If you’re looking for great Instagram content, give them a follow. But asking a question at the end is a great way to get more engagement and comments.

4. Use #Hashtags And Tag Others

Okay. The next idea. Do not forget to use hashtags or tag other people. So on LinkedIn, I recommend about three hashtags for posts on Twitter. I don’t use hashtags every single post at all, but if you’re going to use them, maybe only one at a time. Some of the other platforms are not as important, but the tagging has become incredibly important because with all the social media algorithms, the faster you can get eyeballs on your post and people to leave comments, the quicker it’s going to go viral. So if you can tag other influencers, you can tag people from your company, they’re going to see it and quickly go and leave a comment. And this is a great strategy.

So you can see here. Jeannie Fisher is doing that with this post. She is using the types of hashtags her prospects, which is Human Resources Department are going to follow. And then she Tags other people from her company who can quickly go and leave a comment.

5. Use Humor Wisely

Okay. And then the next tip is to use humor wisely. I love this tweet from Doug Bonaparte.

If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you’re missing out. Right around Halloween, he had 33% of my kids candy and called it a tax on unrealized capital gains. You can see he got over 1000 retweets on this, right? Know your audience and play to them. Here’s another example again from the financial gym. They focus on young women and they don’t offer any investment management at all, just financial planning. And they have this meme here of Beyoncé saying how my bank account feels now that my summer spending is over, it’s fun. It plays to their audience and they’re going to get a lot of likes and comments on it because it’s just a fun social media post.

6. Get Personal

Okay. And then the last tip that I want to share is every once in a while, get personal. And what I mean by this is share a picture of your family. Share a picture of your team. Say something about what’s going on in your life as we get further further into the commoditization of wealth management, right. Where people are just putting their money into Vanguard funds and holding it there for 37 years. What people are choosing when they choose an advisor is a relationship with you. And so letting social media be the place where they get to know you is a great strategy. But it also is always going to get the most engagement.

So here’s a picture I shared of me and my family going to Disney World and you can see over 300 people hearted. It much more than my other post that was some digital marketing strategy, and I just got out of office this week. Here’s another one from Opulus LLC. And they said, Happy 33rd birthday to our fearless leader, and they have a picture of him and his wife or girlfriend. And again, they’re going to get a lot of engagement on this post. So sharing personal information is a great strategy.

If you found this helpful, make sure you give us a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Which of these strategies are you may be most surprised by or not sure how to implement, and we can give you more tips and make sure you subscribe so that every single week you can get a new video just like this in your feed, helping you market your financial advisory business even better.

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