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By Nicole Skalamera Showcase

Advisor Websites: Spillane Financial Planning

6 minute read
Advisor Websites: Spillane Financial Planning Featured Image

According to a recent Mobile Marketing Statistics Report, website browsing on mobile devices has actually surpassed that of website browsing on desktop computers. The result? A huge revolutionary change in the way we now view and interact with websites.

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rick Spillane, from Spillane Financial Planning. Rick and I discussed some of his favorite features on his new site, one of them in particular being his website design build on a one page scroll theme



At Twenty Over Ten, the financial advisors who work with us create can create a website where they chose from numerous “themes”. With cell phone usage growing at a rapid pace, we have found that the one page scroll theme (like the one that Rick has utilized) has become increasingly popular. According to Rick,

“I love the long scroll. A visitor can get all the information about me and what I offer very quickly and easily without a lot of clicking around. I think visitors will find it very convenient to see everything that’s important without jumping back and forth between pages and getting lost. And if they want more information, they just click on one of the links.”

In addition to utilizing the scroll- through website theme, Rick has included the usage of slogans laid over images between each page. In these short, simple quotes, the client reads a phrase that resonates with them throughout the entire website visit. With each new quote, they are subtly reminded of the services provided, and get a better understanding of Spillane Financial Planning and why the firm might be a good fit for them (more tips on how to use the right images and text on your website).


Rick believes the slogans make a huge impact on his website,

“As you scroll down, the slogans build on and complement each other to reinforce the overall message of living a better life… I’m not sure there is any one slogan that sticks out over another because they all sort of work together.”


Of course, having the right content is integral to conveying your company’s brand and unique value proposition. However, utilizing the right features are also important to portraying your website’s overall message and purpose. At Twenty Over Ten, we work with you to build the website of your dreams. We take your vision and ideas, put them together, implement features, and wrap it up so that it all comes together. We also take into consideration your needs and goals, so that we can offer guidance and direction as we establish your online presence.

For Rick, “Working with the design team was great! Everyone was very helpful, friendly, professional and responsive. And the process was very clear, organized, and thorough. The finished product exceeded my expectations.”

By working closely with Rick, we were able to implement some of his favorite features which include:


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 12.19.24 PM
Book a Meeting

“The “Book a Meeting” widget stands out because this online scheduling tool offers clients and prospective clients an easy way to get in touch with me, and saves me time by eliminating all the back and forth emails and phone calls.”


Resource Center
Resource Center 

“I also like the links in the Resource Center where existing clients can access their financial plans and their investment accounts, and prospective clients can get a free quick assessment of their retirement readiness.”

Technology is advancing everyday. At Twenty Over Ten, we stay on top of the latest trends, innovations, and features. By doing so, we keep our clients up to date with the latest technology and ensure that their website is sleek, modern, and portrays their message in an effective manner.

According to Rick, “The feedback has been very positive so far. Everyone seems to like the modern look and feel of the long scroll, the pictures, and the interactive features.” We wish him nothing but success as he moves forward with his business.

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