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By Amanda Larson Outreach

Blog Writing Services for Financial Advisors: The Definitive Guide

13 minute read
Blog Writing Services for Financial Advisors: The Definitive Guide Featured Image

If creating your own content for your blog is out of the question for your financial planning firm, don’t fret. Outsourcing content creation for your blog is a popular option for firms with limited internal resources and budget.

By now I think it’s safe to say that we all know content is king so feeding the content beast is critical. However, for firms unable to feed the content beast on their own, there are many other great options to explore.

Deciding to outsource your blogging may be an easy decision for you to make, but finding the right partner may not be. Don’t make the mistake of looking for the cheapest content provider possible and quit your efforts when you don’t see results. It’s important to do your research and do it right. But there’s no need to go at it alone! That’s why we’re sharing a comparison of blog writing services specifically for financial advisors.

Blog Providers at a Glance

Content Assist
Vestorly AdvisorStream Financial Media Exchange
Wendy J. Cook
$89/mo $49/mo $100/mo $395/year $1500/year $299/year

Blog Writing Services for Financial Advisors: Which Provider Is Best for Your Firm?

Content Assist




eMoney Advisor Branded Marketing

Wendy J. Cook Communications

1) Content Assist

The Details: Content Assist is a new type of content offering solution on the market that was developed specifically for financial advisors to assist them in creating blog posts. Built into Twenty Over Ten’s proprietary website-builder for no additional charge, all users are able to choose blog posts by category (retirement, home-buying, young adults, etc.), load them into their website, and then edit and further optimize the content for search engines. Advisors have the ability to customize and edit the content to add their voice, SEO keywords, and further promote their expertise, or use the content as-is.

Key Takeaways:

  • Articles can be customized for your particular niche or geographic location to optimize your blogs for audience and search engines like Google.
  • Ability to pick-and-choose which articles to deploy on your blog based on your niche and audience interests.
  • Not canned content. Content is ghost-written by internal team of writers.
  • Content library includes topics specially for clients and prospects of financial advisors. Topics range from balancing your personal budget, planning financially for children to saving for a family vacation and the importance of creating a will.
  • All articles are pre-loaded with featured images, social sharing descriptions and thumbnails, and meta descriptions for search engine optimization.
  • Articles are not FINRA reviewed. If you are an independent RIA you have complete control to review and edit posts. If you a registered representative of a broker dealer your compliance officer will have the ability to review and pre-approve posts or remove certain articles all together from your library to ensure you stay compliant.
  • This service comes free with the purchase of a website package from Twenty Over Ten, totaling $89/mo
  • Content Assist is only available to current Twenty Over Ten users.

2) Vestorly

The Details: Vestorly is an artificially intelligent email builder that learns to better engage your contacts over time. It builds one-to-one personalized emails using news, blogs or your own content so you don’t have to. Vestorly adds new content to your website automatically, in real-time based on whatever parameters you set. Vestorly searches the web and populates news stories from major publications (such as the New York Times or Wall Street Journal) to your website and shares directly to your social channels. You can tell Vestorly to find stories by topic, publication, or keywords, and can even set it up to curate specific streams for individuals or groups.

Key Takeaways:

      • This is the best option for anyone who wants articles from top publications automatically added to their website and then wants every piece of data possible on how users are engaging with that content.
      • Vestorly’s robust AI capabilities and prospect tracking cannot be beat, but they do come with a price tag (you must contact Vestorly to get a specific quote for your business).
      • When you load your contacts, artificial intelligence searches, curates and matches content for each individual with more frequency and precision than a human marketing assistant.


3) AdvisorStream

The Details: AdvisorStream licenses and curates thousands of articles (and videos) daily through partnerships with publishers (such as Bloomberg, Forbes, Reuters, CNN Business) for advisors to leverage across all digital channels. AdvisorStream is really best known for their social media capabilities, as the tool allows you to schedule multi-channel communications at whatever frequency you desire (so you can post to Facebook 5 times a day or once a week for instance.

Key Takeaways:

  • All AdvisorStream content meets FINRA, IIROC, and SEC marketing communication guidelines
  • All content is curated from thousands of articles and videos daily through AdvisorStream’s unique and exclusive partnerships with world top publishers including Bloomberg, Forbes, Reuters, CNN Business, and many more.
  • AdvisorStream’s technology enables you to capture new leads every time your content is shared and opened.


The Details: FMeX is a great option that comes with both a free and premium version. FMeX bills itself as the world’s largest content library built on sales enablement technology. The tool allows for the aggregation, curation, and distribution of content from any mobile device. All articles are compliance approved and formatted into three different styles (HTML, Word, and PDF) with the ability to share via your website, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Key Takeaways:

      • Does not offer blogging only services. For $395/year users get access to 5,000+ fully licensed articles, complete video library 25+ titles, complete library of 15+ newsletter titles and CRM integrations.
      • FMeX’s analytics provide details on open rates, click rates, sharing, subscribers, and top users, allowing advisors to measure the business impact of the content and streamline future content decisions.
      • All articles are formatted into 3 styles (HTML, Word, PDF) to share via email or on social media.
      • This option is perfect for those financial advisors who want content added automatically to thier website from top news sources, but don’t need (or want) as much AI as a tool like Vestorly offers.

5) eMoney advisor branded marketing

The Details: Released in September, eMoney’s turnkey, digital marketing solution called Advisor Branded Marketing gives advisors and firms access to targeted multimedia content campaigns, a robust library of over 2,000 content items, simple social media sharing functionality with suggested posts, analytics to track engagement and more. Whether you’re working with a prospective client who’s just heard of your business, or new client who needs help with the Client Website, you’ll have the videos, articles, and guides to educate your clients and establish thought leadership for your firm.

Key Takeaways:

      • This is a turnkey marketing solution for advisors and practices. Meaning, the subscription includes much more than just articles and blog content and is built end-to-end for a customer.
      • This toolkit includes content campaigns featuring a variety of content from eBooks, videos, social media ads with suggested content posts, and emails, which are added to your account each month.
      • Ability to monitor email delivery and views so you know who interacts with your content and who doesn’t.

emoney features for advisors

6) Wendy J. Cook Communications

The Details: Wendy J. Cook Communications is another content outsourcing option specifically for evidence-based investing advisors. Unlike many of the other providers, rather than pooling content from top publishers, Wendy writes the content herself, so the content is unique and will not be found on thousands of websites as is the case with other big publishers. With Wendy J. Cook Communications, you also have access to a content sharing library, writing samples, custom creations, and more.

Key Takeaways:

      • Not automated. Meaning, it does not feed directly into your site – you must take the content and manually upload it to your website.
      • As a content-sharing library member you’ll receive two new pieces of content each month.
      • Content included in the content-sharing library includes white papers, blog posts, reports, presentations, and more.
      • You are free to use the content as you please (subject to these Terms and Conditions) in newsletters, social, etc.
      • Wendy J. Cook’s custom creations is content exclusively created for websites, blogs, media submissions, quarterly client letters, brochures, articles, newsletters, press releases, white papers, e-books, social media pages. Custom creations are billed at an hourly rate.

Wendy j. cook communications free content samples

Final Considerations When Looking to Outsource Blog Content Writing

Ask yourself: what do I want out of this? Are you looking for assistance crafting an entire marketing strategy involving email marketing, social media, blogging, and PR or an “assistant” to simply blog on your behalf? As we’ve noted above, some of the providers offer the whole kit and caboodle while others are very targeted and specific about their offering. Determine exactly what it is you’re looking for first.

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