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By Nicole Skalamera Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Fox & Company Wealth Management

7 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Fox & Company Wealth Management Featured Image

“Elevate Your Expectations”.  “Dream It… Plan It… Live It.” These are just some of the slogans that resonate with our client, Fox & Company Wealth Management. This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Michelle, Partner and Financial Planner at Fox & Company. In this Advisor Website Showcase, Michelle was able to give me some wonderful insight into the firm, their daily practices, and even their new website. Read on to learn more!

1.) Michelle, what inspired you to become a financial planner?

I grew up in a financially dysfunctional family and witnessed first-hand how money impacted our relationships. Before becoming a financial planner, I provided advice as “that friend” to turn to, and then later I offered advice to my husband to help guide young sailors under his command with their money issues.

2.) What is your favorite thing about being a financial advisor?

The primary reason I hesitated to become a financial planner years ago was because I had only been exposed to commission-based planners, and I didn’t like the salesman approach or the pressure to sell or get referrals. Once I discovered fee-only financial planning, I was able to align my values with my God-given talents to help others.

“I love being able to help clients find clarity and confidence about their futures.”


3.) You specialize in working with medical professionals, business owners, and single women… How did you come to serve these specific niches?

Over the years, we noticed a pattern of who we consistently worked with, so it became easier to define our niches. Our sister firm, Fox & Company CPAs Inc., initially helped us with connecting with business owners and medical professionals. And as a women-owned practice, women naturally feel more at ease with us.

Fox & Co. Showcase

4.) What challenges do you find are most common for each?

Really for all three, it’s time. Time is especially challenging for business owners and medical professionals, and because of this, we’re consistently reviewing our processes and software to ensure that every connection we make is impactful. And for single women, they also require time but it’s a different type: often, we’re helping them through a healing process before we can truly begin the planning, and sometimes education, process.

5.) How do you tailor your services for each?

We have agendas that help guide us through our different service offerings, but ultimately, each client dictates what areas to focus on and how quickly we progress.

6.) Before going through the website design process with us here at Twenty Over Ten, what was one “must have” feature you felt needed to be included in your new site?

A responsive website, but other than that, we wanted our website to feel current and our message to be more client-centric.

7.) What is your favorite feature of your new website?

We love our home page. The animated floating hot-air balloons with the caption “Elevate Your Expectations” sends a powerful message to our clients and visitors, but at the same time, it also holds us to a higher degree of accountability.

Fox & Co. Client Showcase2


8.) What does your typical day look like? Any daily activities that keep you motivated throughout the day?

“Mindset is powerful; you get to decide how your day, week, or life turns out.” I choose to make a difference for my clients, my practice, and hopefully those that surround me every day. The activities in-between are just a means to an end, so I don’t look at a task as too menial or too important; it just needs to get done.

9.) What is your favorite thing about being a financial advisor?

At Fox & Company, we’re proud to offer our clients big firm services with a small-town feel. It’s not uncommon to see us greet our clients, or extend our farewells, with a hug.

10.) How does your team stay cohesive?

Communication is key, we have an open-door policy but also have weekly staff meetings to share information and priority projects.

Fox & Company Client Showcase5


11.) Any fun activities or rituals you have?

We have monthly team lunches with our sister firm, Fox & Company CPAs Inc., plus family fun events a couple of times throughout the year. Some past adventures include an escape adventure, disc golf, bowling, and game night.


Thank you Michelle for taking the time to answer my questions! It was great to learn about your background, philosophy and day-to-day schedules. We wish you nothing but success as you move forward. Check out Fox & Company Wealth Management’s website here. And be on the lookout for our next Advisor Website Showcase Blog Post!

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