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By Nicole Skalamera Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: CopperTree Financial Planning & Investments

7 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: CopperTree Financial Planning & Investments Featured Image

Every financial advisor has a different story. We find it truly interesting to hear each advisor’s perspective- how they were inspired to join the profession, their career trajectory, and how they run their practice on a daily basis. This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Adam Waitkevich from CopperTree Financial Planning & Investments; Adam shared insight into his own background and practice, including how his philosophy was interwoven into his newly launched website.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.25.18 PM1. Why/how did you become a financial advisor?
Becoming a financial advisor was the most natural career path based on my early curiosity and interest for investing. Some of my fondest memories are during my late teenage years while working for my uncle in his coffee shop. I recall pouring over the Saturday edition of Barron’s with my uncle and a few “old-timers” discussing stocks, the market and making money. These weekly pre-dawn “classrooms” were mornings I always looked forward to and times that I like to think about to this day.

2. What do you enjoy most about your profession?
I enjoy the endless opportunities to connect with and positively impact the lives of so many great and unique individuals. I especially enjoy that our clients are lifetime clients, which allows us to witness their success and experiences through time and not just within an isolated moment.

3. Is there a story behind the firm name?
When collaborating on a firm name, we knew only that wanted to steer away from the overused and more obvious themes and focus instead in a direction that was a bit different. Through a fairly long process, we arrived at Coppertree® and liked it and its simplicity. Coppertree® is as an easy-to-remember and easy flowing name that is a bit unique. I suppose we could say the same of our practice and philosophy.

CopperTree Picture1
Immediately on Adam’s site, we see the sleek, modern, and simplistic appeal of his firm’s logo and practice. The viewer is able to get an instant grasp of CopperTree and its core mission.

4. How was the process working with the Twenty Over Ten design team?
Working with Twenty Over Ten was super-easy. It helped that much of the content and layout had been done in our former site, but Geoff really helped with some of the smaller details and provided great advice along the way.

5. What is your favorite feature on your new website?
My favorite feature on the website would be the pictures. Our goal here was to break up the text, which can become too noisy, and add some great pictures that are pleasant to look at.

The web has enough stock photos of people sitting in fake meetings and we certainly didn’t want to add any more. These are photos that make us feel happy and optimistic, which is a place we want to be more often.

(Psst: this is a great resource if you are looking for your own photos).

CopperTree Picture2
The striking photos of CopperTree’s site truly emphasizes an appeal over the various quotes within the website. This ultimately leaves a positive impression on the viewer.

6. The quotes between your sub-pages really leave an impact to the viewer. How important was this feature?
Similar to the philosophy in our practice, we like to add wisdom only when it is helpful. We find that the quotes not only break up the (longer) written content in the website, but also offer some light-hearted, yet relevant quotes about money and investing we hope our visitors enjoy. This feature is fun and also provides an example of our approach to investing. Simple but still effective.

7. Have you received any feedback from your site?
Besides my Mom loving the website we constantly receive positive feedback on the site, which is a great surprise. There is no doubting that internally we are all very proud of the site from a professional perspective, but hearing positive feedback from our clients is a real bonus. Everyone likes the pictures but clients also enjoy the functionality of the client center too.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me Adam. It was a pleasure learning more about you, your firm, and some of your story.

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse behind the CopperTree firm. You can contact with Adam through his new website CopperTree, or connect with him on Twitter, @CoppertreeLLC.

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