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By Namisha Goel Outreach

5 Examples of Financial Advisors Using Video To Communicate Well During the Coronavirus Pandemic & Market Downturn

6 minute read
5 Examples of Financial Advisors Using Video To Communicate Well During the Coronavirus Pandemic & Market Downturn Featured Image

The current climate is creating a lot of tension and causing people to feel uneasy about their financial health. There are thousands of questions on people’s minds and as a financial advisor, one of the best ways to address those questions and communicate with clients right now is through videos. Everyone right now is remote, and videos offer an easy, interactive way to reach many clients and prospects at once. In addition, people love watching videos and videos are preferred over text. Video is even more important right now because of all the social distancing taking place. People aren’t being able to interact with many people right now, so by seeing you and hearing your voice, there is some sense of relief. Below we will outline 5 advisors who are doing a great job using video to communicate during this pandemic.

1. Mitlin Financial 

Mitlin Financial is doing a great job informing its clients and prospects about all the new changes in their market. They have a tab called “Mitlin Minute” that features videos on current trending topics. You can see their first video – We Are All In This Together-  in the picture below. This video is really great because it offers reassurance and comfort which is something that every advisor should convey during this time.

Their most recent video is on the Paycheck Protection Program. They also have a video on the S&P and the Dow. Many people have questions about this right now, and Mitlin Financial is providing answers!

2. Congent Strategic Wealth

Congent Strategic Wealth is posting weekly videos on YouTube on various topics regarding the Coronavirus. They created a “How To Stay Calm During Market Volatility” playlist that features 5 videos thus far. As you can see in the picture below, Congent Financial is creating both broad (5 things to do now to prepare for a recession) and specific (Estate preparedness for covid 19) videos when it comes to the Coronavirus. As a financial advisor, you want to make sure you’re covering a myriad of topics in order to reach the largest amount of people.

3. Financial Symmetry

Financial Symmetry is also utilizing YouTube to communicate with their clients and prospects during this time. They release a video every other Monday, and their latest video covers the benefits of tax loss harvesting. Some of their other recent videos are about the stimulus checks and coronavirus concerns. A great feature about Financial Symmetry’s videos is that most of them include more than one financial advisor from their firm. This serves as a great way for your audience to see whose in your firm and get to know a little bit about you and your employees.

4. Jazz Wealth Managers

Jazz Wealth does a fabulous job updating and communicating with their clients through YouTube. What’s unique about them is that they create daily stock market update videos to help you make the right decisions during this downturn. From formal to casual videos, they have it all. Moreover, they create “Outside The Virus” videos which are about things other than the coronavirus in order to give their viewers some insight on what else is happening around them. Right now, the only news we hear about is the coronavirus, and while that’s really important, it can be great to take a step back from all of that once in a while.

5. ARGI Financial Group

ARGI Financial Group offers a weekly personal planning update, a business owner update and an investments live stream in regards to the coronavirus. This ensures that they can reach each segment of their audience every week. They utilize YouTube to post their videos, which are extremely informative and data-heavy.

Now, given these examples, you may be thinking that it’s just too hard to create videos. However, creating videos is actually really easy and cheap. We’ve got a blog post on How Financial Advisors Can Record Marketing Videos On A Shoestring Budget. 


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Namisha is a Content Creator at Twenty Over Ten, passionate about fostering community growth. A Bollywood enthusiast, she loves to travel and hopes to experience all seven wonders of the world.


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