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By Monica Pote Outreach

What We’re Reading: Mother’s Day Edition, 2016

6 minute read
What We’re Reading: Mother’s Day Edition, 2016 Featured Image

Welcome to our special Mother’s Day edition of What We Are Reading! This week, we are celebrating Mothers by spotlighting some unique marketing campaigns that have taken full advantage of this loving and special holiday.

1. How JetBlue Achieved the Impossible; Getting Passengers to Love It When Babies Cry.

Cognizant of the challenges that ensue while traveling with babies, JetBLue launched a marketing campaign that was unconventionally rewarding for both Mothers and passengers alike. This stunt, labeled “Flybabies”, prized passengers with a 25% discount every time a baby started crying. If four babies cried, each passenger would earn a free round-trip flight. The passengers happily complied with the experiment. Additionally, JetBlue captured the timeline of events and emotions by turning it into a commercial aired on the internet and television.

The takeaway of this campaign is to turn a negative into a positive.  Sometimes, this can be easier during certain points of the year. For example, Mother’s Day is filled with gratitude and love for Mothers. Infusing those emotions into a commonly bad situation can spin a fresh outlook on seemingly negative events.


Click here to read the full article on AdWeek and watch the outcome of the experiment.

2. 5 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Blog posts are a great way to engage readers with exciting content about anything you find relevant! When writing a blog post, the subject should be timely, relevant, and interesting. Those traits increase the chances of the article being remembered and shared. DailyFinance published a blog post about some heartfelt yet inexpensive gifts you probably never thought about giving your Mother. The article was formatted with an introduction followed by five numbered ideas, and the blog was also posted on May 7th, the day before Mother’s Day. This attracts the attention of some last minute gift-givers. This DailyFinance post is a great example of strong content with strategic timing.


Click here to read the full article in DailyFinance.


3. The Most Effective Mother’s Day Email Subject Lines

Mother’s Day is an emotion-filled holiday. Therefore, there is no surprise that the most effective Mother’s Day email subject lines are tied to emotions. With two-thirds of Mother’s Day emails containing at least one emotional word, those emails yielded a 10.3% open rate compared with to 8.5% rate of those containing zero emotional words. What are the most effective words that elicit the strongest emotions? Encouragement and curiosity have been found to trump safety wordage. To achieve increased open-rates,  it is important to recognize the emotion of the campaign and align it appropriately to your content.


Read more from Marketingprofs

4. How Brands Are Using Facebook Reactions to Inform Campaigns

Have you noticed anything different about Facebook lately? Recently, Facebook added “emotion” buttons. As opposed to “liking” a post, emotion buttons allow the user to express more than just a virtual thumbs up. Choices include: “wow”, “haha”, and “love”. Pre-Mother’s Day, Pampers released a video followed by a campaign titled #ThanksBaby. Earning 43,000 overall interactions, 3,200 were “love” reactions. Initially, Facebook started out as a personal news outlet filled with updates from only your closest acquaintances. But now it is a channel for users to voice their emotions and opinions. This exposes unlimited emotional marketing opportunities for companies, especially on holidays like Mother’s Day.


Click here to read the full article on DigiDay.

5. Insert Mom Here: Apple Invites You To Personalize Its Mother’s Day Ad

Apple is famous for their sleek and modern commercials. This Mother’s Day, Apple took it one step further by implementing customization and interactive marketing to their Mother’s Day campaign.  Apple created a commercial generator that allows customers to upload their own photos, followed by their first name and last initial- identical to the theme used on other Apple advertisements.


Read the full article on Creativity.

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