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By Monica Pote Outreach

What We’re Reading: May 2nd, 2016

6 minute read
What We’re Reading: May 2nd, 2016 Featured Image

Welcome to this week’s edition of “We Are Reading!”. Each week, our marketing team shares the digital marketing articles and emerging trends we’re following from around the web. We will report what we’re reading, why it is important, and how you can take advantage or implement the strategy yourself!

1. A simpler way to manage YouTube. Unlock new ways to save time and grow your video views with Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a (free) app that allows you to automate your posting to social media (and one we recommend to advisors all the time!). You can schedule your social media posts instantaneously or months in advance, allowing you to spend just one or two days a week pre-planning your editorial calendar.  Hootsuite noticed an increase in video marketing by analyzing current user trends, and decided to make it easier than ever for their users to manage their youtube videos.

The takeaway: note complimentary services your customers already use or might need, and find ways to provide them. YouTube was something customers were already using, therefore this integration just keeps Hootsuite’s users on the app even longer while improving user experience.


Read more via Hootsuite’s website!

2. Inside the making of Taco Bell’s artificially intelligent, drunk-tolerant TacoBot

Taco Bell is notorious for humorous advertisements. But why not take it one-step further and create a robot that interacts with customers? This robot, named “TacoBot”  not only takes orders, but injects humor into the dining experience. This memorable experience enhances Taco Bell’s humorous brand, while taking advantage of Facebook’s new AI technology. 



Read more via Marketing Land

3. How Apple, Unilever and Marvel are using brand purpose to drive innovation

Corporate social responsibility is more important than ever. When competing in a highly competitive market, your external interactions serve as a reflection of company values. Start-up and Tech4Good winner Open Bionics looked to address the fact that there are more than 2 million hand amputees across the world, most of which have no prosthetics. They partnered with Marvel, Disney and Star Wars to create “bionic hands” for kids.

“They won’t have to do boring physical therapy, they’ll train to become heroes. They’re not just getting medical devices, they’re getting bionic hands inspired by their favorite characters”

The takeaway: Think outside the box. How can you combine what you are good at with the needs of others? Once you decide how you can “do good”, don’t be afraid to tell others about it – it’s not just self-promotion, it also helps spread the message of non-profits or groups who need support.


Read more in Marketing Magazine

4. The creepy, inescapable advertisements that could define virtual reality

When Oreo brainstormed how to promote a new flavor, they wanted something more than TV advertisements and bigger than traditional internet advertising. They wanted a virtual marketing strategy that engaged viewers and motivated them to purchase the new cookie! Immersive multi-media served as an effective solution. The media featured on-the-go cookies that were navigable through movement on a smartphone. Throughout this simulation, the viewer is tantalized with sounds and imagery of the virtual cookie world. What a sweet way to engage customers!  


Read more via The Washington Post.

5. See Brand Tweets About Prince, Including Ones Cheerios and Four Loko Pulled

With the sudden passing of music icon Prince, major brands from a variety of industries expressed their condolences on social media. For example, Chevrolet tweeted an image with text overlay saying “Baby, that was much too fast”. It was interesting to see so many different brands and organizations develop their own take on the singer’s passing.

However there were some brands that struggled with their response. For instance, Cheerios tweeted a purple-backed image stating “Rest in peace” with the “eye” dotted with a Cheerio. They ended up removing the tweet shortly after posting it, saying “As a Minnesota brand, Cheerios wanted to acknowledge the loss of a musical legend in our hometown. But we quickly decided that we didn’t want the tweet to be misinterpreted, and removed it out of respect for Prince and those mourning.”

The Takeaway: ALWAYS think before you post to social media. Of course it is good to show support in light of a tragedy, but you want to think about how your statements might be interpreted and ensure you remain respectful.

Read more via AdvertisingAge.

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