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By Stuart Farst Showcase

Website Showcase – Best Financial Advisor Websites: Chicago

10 minute read
Website Showcase – Best Financial Advisor Websites: Chicago Featured Image

For the second article in our new series of location-based advisor sites, we’ll be focusing on Chicago. Like our previous post, this list spotlights Twenty Over Ten clients using website best practices in a creative and effective manner.

And though there are plenty of fantastic advisor sites in the “Windy City,” we’ll be focused on four. Read on to learn more about these sites and discover inspiration for your own.

1. Meyer Wealth Advisors

Use of Design best-Practices

The Meyer Wealth Advisors site uses several design best practices to create a fantastic user experience. First off, the site uses our Iris Framework, offering one-page scrolling navigation. This helps maximize CTAs by providing new visitors with a step-by-step approach to navigation. This sort of design is also more intuitive on a mobile device.

Meyer Wealth Landing Page

Process and FAQ Pages

Including a Process and FAQ is considered best practice for any advisor site. But it’s the way that Meyer Wealth includes these pages that make their site stand out. Rather than create a standalone page for each, the site uses our accordion feature and tabular menus to save space, ensuring the effectiveness of a one-page design.

This allows the site to receive the benefits of process and FAQ pages while ensuring the integrity of the site’s user experience.

Meyer Wealth Process and FAQ Page

Integrated Scheduling

Your calls to action and contact forms are all intended to drive leads to convert. But like other elements on the site, Meyer Wealth takes its contact form to the next level.

Rather than a standard contact form, Meyer Wealth utilizes our Calendly integration to include a calendar and scheduling tool directly on their site. This allows new visitors to quickly and easily select a time and date without requiring additional contact information.

Meyer Wealth Calendly Integration

2. WealthCare Advisors

The 5-Second Test

An effective homepage needs to tell the visitor what your firm does, how it’s different and what to do next, all within 5 seconds. Also known as the 5 second test, this helps ensure that your copy is effective and to the point.

The Wealthcare Advisors homepage is a great example of a site that pasts this test, providing short, descriptive copy and a CTA to direct visitors to the next step. Best of all though, is the secondary CTA in the bottom right.

This second CTA offers an alternative direction to reach out to the firm immediately. In turn, providing CTAs for different types of visitors – those that are ready to schedule a call, and those that want to learn more.

WealthCare Advisors Homepage

Interactive Page Elements

Interactive features are a great way to engage visitors, especially when these features act as resources to your visitor.

That’s why we love that WealthCare Advisors uses a quiz to help visitors discover their risk number. Like downloadables, these elements also act as another form of lead capture.

WealthCare Advisors Risk Number Quiz

A Very Active Blog

Blogging, it’s one of the best ways to improve your site’s SEO. However, the SEO benefits you get from blogging all depend on the quality and consistency of your blog posts.

That’s why we were very excited to see how active the WealthCare Advisors blog is. Providing a variety of topics and posting once a week, the site is on the right track to SEO success.

WealthCare Advisors Blog

3. Lakeshore Capital Group

Creative Pages

Everyone wants to understand the value of a product before committing to a purchase. The same can be said in the financial services industry. However, for many first-time clients, the value of an advisor’s services is difficult to determine. That’s why we love Lakeshore Capital Group‘s “Value of Advice” page, as it not only breaks down their services but quantifies them. The result is not only a creative way to show value but a method of standing out to potential clients.

Lakeshore Capital Group Value of Advice

Market Commentary

Clients want to see that your firm is up-to-date and aware of industry trends. Blogs are a great way to show this, though often cover more than current topics.

That’s why we love the “Market Commentary” page of the Lakeshore Capital Group site. It provides readers with educational material, follows blogging best practices and incorporates recent data to show the firm’s awareness. Best of all, these sorts of articles are consistent, providing a great source of content for an ongoing newsletter or other forms of client communication.

Lakeshore Capital Group Market Commentary

Comprehensive Fees Sections

Displaying fees on your website is essential. After all, if you don’t see a price on something, do you think it’s affordable? Plus, how do you determine the value of the services?

Many sites provide visible fees, but Lakeshore Capital Group takes its fee page to another level. Not only does the site list fees, it provides a downloadable document containing a price breakdown for all available services.

Lakeshore Capital Group Downloadable Pricing

4. Lake Life Wealth Advisory Group

Fantastic Use of Video

Video is one of the best marketing strategies an advisor can use. Many advisors offer similar services, but video gives an opportunity to personalize your visitor experience while giving your site a premium feel.

Lake Life Wealth takes advantage of the benefits of video by providing recorded content within their homepage. Video content is used not only to show the firm’s services but also to introduce Patti Hughes, the founder of Lake Life Wealth Advisor Group.

Lake Life Wealth Advisory Group Use of Video

Niche-Focused Content

Focusing on your niche is key to helping your visitors self-qualify. In other words, showing your services are the right fit for your ideal client. Lake Life does this with a standalone page entirely dedicated to a specific issue and audience.

Furthermore, the homepage leverages video, playing off the same strengths as the site’s homepage.

Lake Life Studen Load Debt

Clever Use of Calls-to-Action

CTAs are essential to your site’s conversion – giving visitors the next step to contact your firm. But there’s also a balance with CTAs, you don’t want your visitors to feel oversold. Instead, CTAs need to be included strategically, in locations where the next step may be to contact.

The Lake Life site is a good example of appropriate CTA usage. Many pages contain a call-to-action, though only when appropriate.

Lake Life CTA

Wrapping Things Up

These four sites use web design best practices to create an effective user experience. But what makes them stand out is their unique approach to these best practices – with each offering inspiration for other advisors designing their own site. Looking to create a site that does this for your firm? Twenty Over Ten’s Website Engine was built just for financial advisors to provide you with a customized and compliant site designed. Drive traffic and showcase what makes your firm unique, visit our Website Engine page to learn more.

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