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By Emily Matyas Outreach

Update: LinkedIn Adds New Company Profile Features

3 minute read
Update: LinkedIn Adds New Company Profile Features Featured Image

Since its creation in 2002, LinkedIn has grown to be one of the most important websites for online networking. Over the years the site developed its platform to accommodate every professional’s needs from job listings to thought leadership. LinkedIn’s most recent update included a face-lift for its Company Profile feature. LinkedIn is rolling out this overhaul in waves, so even more changes will become available soon!

WHAT’S NEW WITH THE LAYOUT OF My LinkedIn company Profile?


The first thing you will notice on the new home page, now called “Updates,” is the analytics overview toolbar. Located on the left-hand side of the page, the toolbar shows statistics on how engagement has increased or decreased over the last seven days. It shows the number of likes, comments, shares, and new followers. Additionally, the Updates tab enables the admins of the page to directly engage with the viewers and followers of their company’s page. Admins can use the page to post and share news, promotions, articles, presentations, and videos.LinkedIn Updates Twenty Over Ten

2. Overview tab

The Overview tab is also a new addition. The main information on this tab was previously found on the old layout’s Home tab. Utilize this tab to change your company’s icon, background photo, description, specialties, address, and statistics. The only new aspect of the page is the ability to set Featured Groups. The LinkedIn page can highlight a maximum of three groups your company’s page is affiliated with. Consider joining groups that you are affiliated with such as Certified Financial Planner Association or the Garret Planning Network. Additionally, you may want to join a group featuring your alma mater or region-specific groups.

LinkedIn Updates Twenty Over Ten

3. Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are another new feature that allows you to further your company’s presence beyond the company page. Showcase pages are similar to landing pages, where they are meant to appeal to a certain niche of your clientele. Showcase pages are meant to represent a brand, business unit, recurring event, or company initiative, not to forge long-term relationships or promote short-term marketing campaigns. The page can only be associated with one parent page so you cannot connect it to more than one company page.

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