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By Monica Pote Outreach

The Power of Personality

6 minute read
The Power of Personality Featured Image

Portraying your authentic self to attract clients and build trust

Your business is unlike anything else and you want to show the world. But what makes it so unique? Is it because of your services, location, or equipment? While those things contribute to the success of a business, a business’ personality is used as the overarching factor when clients formulate an impression of a business. Those impressions can reach farther than you think! As the younger generation’s buying power increases, business owners are beginning to see the value in implementing a personal touch to a business. Leaving your impression a personable one is necessary to be remembered. and can be just as valuable as the services you provide.

“Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Authenticity in your Marketing- How to Showcase Your Personality

Don’t be like everyone else! The key to creating memorable content is to make it credible and personable. No matter what your personality, it is important to put it on display. For example, many financial advisors have biographies listed on their company’s site. But why stop there? By adding a professional AND a personal biography, you are giving potential clients a window into more than just your day-job. When potential clients get to see a personal side, it makes them feel more comfortable-especially if they are reaching out to you for financial help. Creating authenticity and trust can also be done by sharing images of you and your team, and research shows that we are more likely to want to do business with companies we trust. By adding personal photos and information about yourself to your site, customers are more attracted to your brand and more likely to recall the information.

light-1030988_192065% of the world’s population are visual learners. Adding images to your site not only builds personality, but also caters to different learning style.

Generating Value

Originality translates into Value. Brands that stand out online are more likely to attract new customers and sustain a competitive advantage over similar companies. The value is derived from the meaning associated behind your brand. Your business can provide the most superb services with the most elite employees; however, without being seen as authentic and trustworthy, your business won’t be able to compete within your industry.  No one else has what you have – your personality and unique approach – so be sure to showcase it!


Helping Reach Your Niche Markets

Many business owners find it effective to target to a niche market because it allows them to focus on an area of expertise and attract a specific customer base. One fast-growing niche is Gen X/Y. As the fastest growing generation with the fastest growing gross income, business owners are finding it profitable and necessary to target this niche.

Gen X/Y differ vastly from past generations when it comes to selecting a business. According to WFMC’s Study on Generational DifferencesGen X/Y highly values the personal side of things. They want personable relationships for both work and their social life.

That is also how Gen X/Y establishes trust. By displaying your personality online to Gen X/Y, you are building trust and marketing to this niche.  s

Do’s and Don’t of Showing Personality

  • Do
    • Show colorful clean images reflecting your personality to attract similar clients
    • Upload photographs of you and your team
    • Insert a personal and professional biography
    • Infiltrate content to your website and blog that allows potential clients a way to relate to you
    • Follow a color scheme reflective of your business and personality
  • Do Not
    • Bombard your website with overbearing and extraneous images that are unrelated to you or your business
    • Try and be something you are not
    • Cross the line between personal and unprofessional


When personality means so much, there is little to lose and everything to gain. Creating a personalized webpage today is more important than ever. If you were lucky enough to stand out, don’t fit in!  


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