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By Blair Kelly Showcase

The Best Advisor Websites: Winter 2018 Edition

9 minute read
The Best Advisor Websites: Winter 2018 Edition Featured Image

We’re only three months into the new year, and our team has already cranked out some really amazing advisor websites. We closed out 2018 with a 💥 and so we are extremely excited about how this year is shaping up. Whether it be stunning images or a strong calls-to-action, each website we’ve developed this winter season has unique features that makes them stand out from the crowd. Read on to hear more about some of our favorite advisor websites from this winter👇

1. RX Wealth Advisors

A newer firm, Rx Wealth Advisors was founded in 2018 to provide specialized financial advisement to physicians. We’ve talked time and time again about the importance of developing and identifying a niche for your financial planning business and Rx Wealth Advisors certainly speaks to their unique niche with their new website.

best financial advisor website, twenty over ten, Rx Wealth Advisors

Twenty over Ten made the design easy, as I had not experienced ever designing a website. The process keeps you on track and makes you move forward to completion.

– Chris Roe, Rx Wealth Advisors

We also worked closely with Chris to design a logo for his new firm and we may be biased but we really like the simplicity of it! By incorporating one simple orange line in the “R” our design team was able to add a pop of color, but still make it incredibly streamlined, making for the perfect logo for the business.

2. Highball Advisors

Highball Advisors specializes in partnering with professionals in the railroad industry. Starting to see a niche trend? Based in Greenville, South Carolina, the firm partners with professionals in the railroad industry with a relatively modest income plan to help them save for retirement.

The Highball team decided to leverage our single-page scrolling framework, to break through clutter and grab visitors attention immediately. As you continue to scroll down the site, they have CTAs strategically placed throughout such as, “Take the 2-Minute Retirement Check,” and “Schedule Free Consultation” for fast prospect conversion.

best financial advisor website, twenty over ten, Highball Advisors

 The actual process of building the website with Twenty over Ten was quite easy as I knew what I wanted. However, the suggestions made by the designer were more then helpful in helping me make some design decisions.

– John McNamara, Highball Advisors

You know we can’t get enough of a 💪🏼 blog section and we love how Highball decided to dub their blog section the “Highball Helper blog.” Updated regularly, the Highball team uses strong imagery and niche-specific topics such as “What Every Railroader Should Know About Taxes and Railroad Retirement” and “6 Steps to Determine Your Railroad Retirement Deadline.”

financial Advisor Blog Section, highball advisors

3. Stein Financial Group

Twenty Over Ten client, Stein Financial Group, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been in business for 20 years. When you first land on their website you feel a sense of professionalism mixed with a team that knows what they are doing.

best financial advisor website, twenty over ten, Stein Financial Group

In the past, we’ve talked about the power of using real photos versus stock images on your website, and Stein Financial Group does just that. Right on the homepage, you see a group photo of the team, followed by older pictures that show the beginning of Stein Financial, a sort of stroll down memory lane. Taking this approach with imagery helps create a strong sense of family togetherness with those visiting their website.

financial advisor bio, twenty over ten website, stein financial group

Although it’s often pushed to the side, we know the power of a strong contact page. You need to ensure that people can get in touch with you as easily as possible, and Stein Financial does just that! They prove a phone number, contact form, email address and fax number. They also provide written directions and parking locations. With this much detail, it’s hard to miss out on reaching this business.

4. Morling Financial Advisors

By now you’ve probably noticed that we ❤️ working with niche advisors, and we really enjoyed working with Morling Financial Advisors, a group specializes in ESG (environmental, social and governance) and socially responsible investing.

best financial advisor website, twenty over ten, Morning Financial Advisors

Located in San Francisco, CA, Morling Financial Advisors fits into this category very well, and they start by being committed to serving the best interests of their clients. They offer traditional financial planning, as well as, impact investing, where they strive to invest in a responsible and sustainable way in order to generate competitive financial returns and positive societal and/or environmental impact.

We enjoy the cleanliness of their new site among many other features. Their FAQ page and blog section are also great resourceful areas for their clients and prospects to fact-find and gather additional information.

5. Gold Canyon Financial Planning

Gold Canyon Financial Planning, located in Gold Canyon, AZ, is another website to make our list of favorites that focuses on a particular niche, as well! The LGBTQ community benefits from the efforts of Diane A. Ouellette and Tracy C. Gale. Also, after finding out that only 23% of advisors are women they wanted to change that. We love these ladies drive from the start, and how they want to bring financial change to the underserved communities of women and minorities, as well.

best financial advisor website, twenty over ten, Gold Canyon Financial Planning

There’s so much to love about this site but we absolutely adore how they’ve decided to incorporate their dogs. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love animals? Their “wellness officers,” Mickey, Cortez and JLO, certainly tug at visitors’ heartstrings and show a more “human” side to the Gold Canyon brand, immediately making future clients feel more comfortable.

financial advisor bio, twenty over ten website, best financial advisor website, Gold Canyon Financial Planning

Lastly, a strong call-to-action with interesting phrases are a great way to encourage people to take the next step, and their CTA’s do just that!

6. Decision Point Financial

There’s one word to describe this site: simple. Decision Point’s single-page scrolling layout makes finding what you’re looking for a cinch. You can tell that this group takes a “no-nonsense” approach with the set-up. Right from the homepage they clearly state their objectives when working with client, which are to:

  1. Help you accomplish your goals
  2. Help you find clarity
  3. Help you find confidencebest financial advisor website, twenty over ten, Decision Point Financial


When we approached Twenty Over Ten to help launch our new website, we were looking for specialists who could bring our vision to life, and that’s exactly what we found!  From start to finish Twenty Over Ten understood what we were trying to accomplish and made it happen.

CJ Harrison, Decision Point Financial

seo optimized contact page, best financial advisor website, twenty over ten, decision point

Decision Point also did a great job of optimizing their contact page by providing call-to-actions under each of their locations, making directions for your desired location simple to obtain.

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