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By Stuart Farst Outreach

How To Make Your Podcast Look Good on Your Advisor Website (Top 4 Examples)

13 minute read
How To Make Your Podcast Look Good on Your Advisor Website (Top 4 Examples) Featured Image

It makes sense that including a podcast in website design has become popular among advisors. As content, podcasts allow you to stand out by offering an alternative form of entertainment and education. While as a lead generation tool, podcasts tap into growing platforms other content can’t access. In fact, according to Infinite Dial’s 2020 data, the number of people that listen to audio streaming has steadily increased in recent years, reaching a total of 192 million people:

The Infinite Dial 2020 Monthly Audio Example

Podcasts represent an opportunity to tap into a growing and alternative audience, and many advisors have done so. Using the Twenty Over Ten platform, advisors have created podcast pages to support the growth of their show and client list.

Read on to learn how other advisors have incorporated a podcast into their website, and discover the inspiration and requirements for creating your own.

4 Advisor Podcast Pages and What We Can Learn From Them

The following podcasts stand out for their design decisions.

1. Silverman and Associates

The Silverman and Associates podcast, Saving With Silverman gives us a simplified but effective podcast page. Visitors can scroll episode topics and easily play and download them through the embedded player, while episodes range just beyond the 10-minute mark.

Saving With Silverman Podcast

Why we like it

  • Ease of Access: Getting people to listen to your podcast should be goal number one. The page’s simplicity and episode lengths lend themselves to that goal. Visitors won’t be overwhelmed and are likely to jump into an episode given its length and ease of access. The topper is the simple download button, giving listeners the convenience to listen when and where they want
  • Multiple Avenues to Tune In: Different podcast platforms are listed above the player, giving listeners options for engaging. Multiple options provide the added benefit of a larger audience and allow listeners to discover episodes through their chosen app
  • Social Media and SEO: The player takes front and center, but if you scroll further down the page you will find show notes for each episode. Show notes are a great way to share individual episodes on social media and provide a little SEO kick by giving Google text to crawl for keywords.

Saving With Silverman Podcast Website Example

What Other Advisors Can Learn

The Saving With Silverman podcast starts off our list because it does a great job of covering the basics of a great podcast page. The page uses a hosting platform, episodes are easy to access and focus on recent events, and the site provides episode breakdowns for shareability and SEO.

2. The Finity Group

The Finity Group podcast Financial Clarity for Doctors takes the simple and effective design from above makes a few alterations to focus on a specific audience.

Financial Clarity for Doctors Podcast

Why we like it

  • Audience Focused: Many podcasts use current events to discuss general financial decisions. We enjoyed this podcast because it adjusts that approach by looking at those subjects through the lens of the advisor’s client bases, doctors. Focus like this limits the volume of potential listeners but is more likely to attract the attention of the focused group. As a doctor, what would you rather listen to?
  • Video as Platform: Choosing YouTube as your hosting platform further separates the podcast from competitors. But, doing so also limits the number of potential listeners, since the podcast can’t be discovered on other platforms. YouTube helps make up for this, as the second-largest search engine, it provides an SEO boost to the podcast, which in turn may be more beneficial.
  • Lead Capture: Each episode provides a call-to-action asking listeners to join the newsletter. This is a great way to draw attention to the podcast and can be leveraged as a lead capture tool to acquire clients from listeners.The Finity Group Podcast


What Other Advisors Can Learn

For other advisors, the Financial Clarity for Doctors podcast page shows some effective methods for focusing on a niche audience. Video gives the podcast a personal edge, giving visitors a choice to watch or listen. It’s relatable, less work-intensive and can be a launchpad for many advisors to begin creating their own video content. More than one persona allows for a more organic conversation to occur on camera, in turn alleviating some of the concerns for advisors. Once they feel comfortable, they can begin creating video content and boost performance on social media.


The MYRA  podcast adopts an interview approach. Though common amongst podcasts in general, the interview approach is specifically beneficial to financial advisors and financial advice. Instead of a singular opinion, the Myra podcast invites multiple voices to the discussion, providing listeners with a comprehensive approach to financial education.

Myra Podcast

Why we like it

  • Guest Focused: Instead of focusing only on the topic, the Myra podcast page draws most of its attention to the interviewed guests. This allows the podcast to highlight well-known individuals, and attract attention from their subsequent followers. In turn, drawing attention to the podcast page.
  • Providing Additional Resources: Other podcasts will provide episode descriptions, but we appreciate Myra’s podcast page for its inclusion of resources. By adding additional links to material, each episode’s credibility, and the credibility of the podcast as a whole is increased.

Myra Podcast Guests

What Other Advisors Can Learn

Advisors with a strong network can draw on the Myra podcast as inspiration, allowing them to tap into a similar interview format. Such a format carries additional benefits. For social media, it’s an opportunity to increase engagement by tagging and spotlighting other individuals in the financial industry. This both draws attention to your podcast and gives others a platform to grow their own audience. Such an approach has the potential for a snowball effect, allowing you to interview more prominent names with time.

Heller Wealth Management

Heller Wealth Management’s podcast Retire Right focuses on the finances that influence retirement. Though the layout of the page can be somewhat overwhelming, the approach to the podcast itself is what makes this page a good example for other advisors.

Retire Right Podcast

Why we like it

  • Subject Focused: Our example above focused on doctors, which provided the podcast page with some additional benefits. The Retire Right podcast takes a similar approach, but instead of focussing on an audience through their profession, it focuses on an audience through a subject. Doing so places the podcast at a great intersection between niche offerings and accessibility.
  • Good Use of Recycled Content: We’ve discussed how advisors can develop a content strategy by approaching their material from another angle. Doing so allows you to create additional types of content for your site. Digging a little deeper into Heller Wealth’s content strategy, we see they leverage a similar approach as each blog topic coincides with a podcast episode.

Heller Retire Right Podcast Episodes

What Other Advisors Can Learn

Other advisors looking to create a podcast page can follow Retire Right’s example by leveraging other content to help create podcast episodes. This can both save time, and effort allowing you to develop material from one another instead of from scratch. Also, focusing on one aspect of finances doesn’t limit this podcast page, but gives a more precise goal for discussing a wide range of topics. An approach like this can be used to differentiate without limiting your material.

How To Create a Podcast Page for Your Website

Each podcast takes a different approach to their show, but every example on this list shares a few similarities. Make sure to keep these in mind when designing your podcast page.

Use a hosting platform

This article from The Podcast Host provides great detail as to why one should not hot their own podcast. In short, hosting a podcast on your site is detrimental to user experience and could be potentially harmful to the site itself. Instead, advisors should select a hosting platform, if not only for maintaining their own site but for the additional benefits that these platforms provide.

Many podcast host platforms make your show available on multiple digital platforms. Places like Apple Podcasts, Audible and Spotify become accessible to listeners, providing them with a way to listen to your show on their preferred application. Also, hosts make your episodes easy to download, allowing listeners to interact with your content when and how they see fit.

Write a Podcast Description

An effective description does a lot. It sets the tone for your show as a whole and gives an opportunity to tell visitors why your podcast is different from others. It’s also an excellent place to include keywords, helping others discover your show.

Choose a Niche topic

You don’t want your podcast to be like everyone else’s. Cover the topics you want to cover but consider focusing on a niche even further. Remember, appealing to specific interests is often more effective than reaching for a larger, less invested audience.

Wrapping It Up

Using these examples as inspiration, you can create a reliable and standout podcast page using the Twenty Over Ten platform. Whether you adopt a niche subject and audience approach, decide to leverage video, or go in an entirely unique direction, a well-designed page will help increase the benefits of your podcast.

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