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By Nicole Skalamera Outreach

How to Get More Visitors to Your Website

9 minute read
How to Get More Visitors to Your Website Featured Image

When you plan travel to an exotic vacation destination, you typically do some research for your trip. How is the weather, the culture, and what are the hot spots to visit? What is it you need to “look out for”? You may have heard about this vacation destination from a friend, family member, or coworker. You may have seen it in a magazine ad, a billboard, or even on the side ads on your Facebook home page. Regardless of how your interest was captured, you typically follow this path: you do your research, book your flight and hotel – and then you’re off to explore your dream vacation destination!

As a Financial Advisor working to establish your online presence, you may have some similar “destination/navigation” questions,

How do I get visitors to my website? How do I get site visitors to take the next step and get in touch with me?

Although referrals is a great source for obtaining visitors to your site, relying on this method alone will not help you in improving your SEO rankings and the ability of capturing new prospective clients.

In order to expand your online presence and capture visitors back to your site, it is necessary to remain social on the web. As a Financial Advisor, you can be social online in a number of ways…

Social Media Activity
Blog Posts
Email Marketing

In this post, we will focus in particular on blogging, and how active blogging can bring prospective visitors to your website. (Twenty Over Ten sites come with built-in blogging capabilities, and all blog posts are automatically archived for compliance as well). presence.

Blogging Captures Interest

A blog is a great way to convey your purpose- whether it be through sharing expertise on a relatable field, expressing concerns about current issues, or even reliving an interview with a professional colleague. The Internet is vast… No matter your content matter, your blog will attract the right people for your calling. As mentioned in our previous blog post, “One of the easiest ways to get your unique message heard is by including a blog on your website.”


Here at Twenty Over Ten, with our new enhanced blogging tool, you will have the ability to truly capture the appropriate audience for your business. Soon, you will have the ability to not only write out blog posts, but attach images, and set thumbnail images for social sharing. With these features, your viewers will be more inclined to open and thus read your post.

Blogging Enhances SEO

As many Financial Advisors begin taking steps into the online world, the need for quantitative and even qualitative results becomes imperative. If you’re putting time and effort into social media and blogging, you ultimately want to see- is this work enabling me to reach my ultimate goals of obtaining new, prospective clients?


One successful component in reaching the most, and appropriate clientele is through improved SEO- that is, improved search engine optimization.  With the right key words in your blog post and blog post description (a small blurb which explains your post), your results will be demonstrated in search engine tools. For example, if a Financial Advisor posts a blog about “7 Steps to Retiring Comfortably,” a person searching “retirement” may find that blog post in the results. But still, it is especially important to understand that this title alone is very broad. Retirement and “retiring comfortably” is a huge discussion on the web, which will often populate millions of results.

With our new blog platform at Twenty Over Ten, you will have the ability to narrow down your scope in language. This means, that you can reach the exact clientele you are searching for. So, instead of simply putting “7 Steps to Retiring Comfortably,” you can have the ability to edit your blog description with key words such as “retiring comfortably in Charlotte, NC… Financial Plans dedicated to doctors and lawyers… etc.” Now, you have narrowed down your post according to location and niche. 

Every Blog Post You Create Becomes Another Page On Your Website

Your blog content is content on the web that lasts forever. Once you post a blog, it is essential that you share it across your social media platforms, or your network of followers. As your blog post becomes exposed to more viewers, your viewers then have the ability of sharing your post, which can create a tumbling effect of shares. This, in return, may ultimately reach your prospective, interested clients.

Once you post a blog… It is never the end of that post.

With our newly enhanced platform, viewers of the blog will have the ability to share your post on their own social media tools. This is huge! Now, with a simple click of the social media icon button, your post can be shared to a whole network of individuals. Your blog will travel across platforms, and may be shared for months, even years down the road.

Our new blog posting platform will allow Financial Advisors to be interactive while sharing comfortably, and appropriately, with the most valuable end results. Now, more than ever, blogging has become a tremendous role for Advisors’ online presence… Starting off with a strong backbone is essential to establishing your brand, image, and ultimate purpose.


In just 2 weeks we’ll be making a big announcement about something we have been working hard on for months – we are so excited to share it with you all! One of the announcements will be related to new blogging features on our app, which will make Twenty Over Ten the #1 Platform for advisors looking to share original content.

We’ll make the announcement at the upcoming T3 Enterprise Conference (held in Las Vegas November 2-4), and will be live tweeting and posting Instagram stories live from the event as well. Get ready for the most comprehensive blogging and archiving experience on the market for advisors!

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