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By Elizabeth Ritger Outreach

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: 5 Gadgets For Tech Lovers

5 minute read
Holiday Gift Guide 2017: 5 Gadgets For Tech Lovers Featured Image

With the holidays just around the corner, its a great time to put a little extra thought into finding the perfect gifts for your closest family and friends. If they’re anything like us, they can’t stay away from the latest tech gadgets. In the spirit of helping you solidify your gift list for the year, we’ve compiled our top 5 favorite gifts for all the tech savvy people in your life (and maybe a couple for yourself!)

For the Phone addict

2017 holiday gift guide Apple Watch series 3

1. Apple Watch Series 3, $329

Featuring everything from cellular to GPS, the Apple Watch is truly the world at your fingertips. The latest version of the smart watch brings you everything an iPhone has to offer- on your wrist. Whether you like tracking your runs or need constant access to email and messages, this watch is sure to cover all your bases. With a multitude of accessories and bands to add, you can customize this gift to whoever is on the top of your list this year.

For the Active Music Lover

2017 holiday gift guide beats by dre earphones

2. BeatsX Wireless Earphones, $149.99

These wireless earphones offer convenience and quality all in one package. If you’re shopping for someone who loves to bring their music while on the move or needs access to a workout playlist without the hassle of cords and plugs, these will offer you both high quality sound and next level music mobility. The latest BeatsX have 8 hours of battery life and are compatible with any Bluetooth devices.

For Your Favorite Couch Potato

2017 holiday gift guide amazon echo

3. Amazon Echo, $79.99

Ever have those days where you just can’t get out of bed? Now you don’t have to! Amazon’s Echo will make Alexa, the electronic personal assistant, your new best friend. From ordering pizza, making calls or playing the latest song at your party, Alexa can do just about everything you need, all stemming from this small speaker device. For that friend or family member who is always thinking out loud, pick out one of these to make their lives just that much easier.

For the Book Worm

2017 holiday gift guide amazon kindle oasis
Bluetooth, waterproof and offering up to 32 GB of storage, your book enthusiast friend will never find a place where they can’t take their new favorite page turner. With all the latest best-sellers at their fingertips, the newest Kindle will be the gift they can’t stop using. The Kindle is light enough to use for long hours on the beach and has an adaptive front light for those late night reads!

For the pilot

2017 holiday gift guide force1 drone
Drone technology continues to be a huge trend- and for a good reason! Capturing the world from above is the perfect way to your newest trending shot. This drone is easy to use and great for beginners. The touch of a button can handle take offs and landings as well as stabilize the drone and control altitude. The addition of Wi-Fi cameras gives you a first hand view of what you’re filming while in the air. Pretty cool if you ask us!


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