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By Lauren Beichner Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: September 2, 2019

4 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: September 2, 2019 Featured Image

We hope everyone is having a great time celebrating Labor Day! Kick back and relax on this holiday with our top reads on how to use social media for lead generation, the importance of lead quality vs. lead volume, getting rid of free consultations, design tricks for bloggers who aren’t designers, and tips on proving your value to prospects.

1. Lead Generation For Financial Advisors: 4 Tips To Convert Your Social Media Followers Into Customers via Lead Pilot

Social media is key to developing a strong digital marketing presence. Successful social media strategies boost brand awareness and lead to more followers. So, how do you get these conversions? This blog outlines 4 essential tips to turn to your social media strategy into a lead generation machine.

2. Lead Volume vs. Lead Quality via Moz

Do you ever ask yourself: what makes a good lead? In other words, what are the qualities that make a potential client more likely to convert to a sale? If you want to learn the secret to getting quality leads, look no further, Moz has got you covered with all there is to know in this article.

3. Advisors: Ditch the Free Consultations and Do This Instead via SEI

Are you a financial advisor who offers free consultations? What if, instead of offering a free consultation you discuss the two or three kinds of people who work best with your firm or what it is like to meet with you? If, after the conversation, you and they feel the need for you to look at their portfolio, maybe charge a small fee to cover the cost. The article highlights that clients will find it more valuable than offering a free consultation. The article suggests that a small review charge will help communicate your value as a professional.

4. 9 Design Hacks for Bloggers Who Aren’t Designers via Cision

Blogging is key to sharing relevant content and increasing your SEO rankings by driving more visitors to your site. However, blogging is not just about generating regular written content. Blogging gives you the ability to create compelling written content with a positive visual experience. It’s pertinent to make sure that the design of your blog is just as captivating as the written content. Read more from Cision to learn how to make your blog’s design stand out from the rest.

5. Five Compelling Tips To Quickly Prove Your Value To Prospects via Red Zone Marketing

As a financial advisor, today it’s harder than ever to get a prospect to pay attention, much less believe that your value may be worth it. Here are 5 essential tips that are working for financial advisors to differentiate and prove their value to potential clients:

  1. Be specific
  2. Quantify it
  3. Let your accolades speak for you
  4. Your referrals tell the story
  5. Share actual situations

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