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By Lauren Keeports Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: June 12, 2017

5 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: June 12, 2017 Featured Image

This week’s Five Little Things touches on digital marketing, SEO, multichannel communication, and more! Take a look:

1. 5 Steps to Manage Critical Mass via FpA

Congrats! Your business has reached a new level of success and you’re gaining clients at a pace like never before. But, how do you effectively manage and maintain this growth? We can all agree that this type of scenario is a good one to have, but regardless, it can prove to be a challenge. This post includes a brief overview of five suggested steps to take if your business grows beyond your expectations.

2. Fostering client communication through multichannel communication via Advicent

Think about how you usually find prospects. Is it through referrals, digital marketing, print communication, or trade shows? If you did not answer “yes” to all of these, you could be missing out on connecting with many potential prospects.

Marketing resources for financial advisors

3. Here Comes Digital Marketing, Just in the Nick of Time. Are You Ready? via ficomm

Right this minute, we are watching the collision of two forces that are shaking advisor firms to their foundations. The first is the commoditization of advice, driven in part by technology. Face it: investment performance is no longer a credible differentiator. Between the popularity of passive investing and the convenience of robo-advisors, few prospects are likely to be persuaded that your firm is really, truly, reliably a better stock-picker than your competitors. Most advisors recognize this fact, even if they aren’t sure what to do about it.

The second trend is the mass personalization of communications—also driven by technology. Every day, each of us receives a unique stream of banner ads, search results, even videos and news stories, all tailored to our individual characteristics. We’re lucky. Just when one technology is threatening the advisor business, another technology is arriving just in time to save it.

To put it another way: with performance a dead issue, it’s never been more critical for your firm to tell a unique, personal, and profoundly human story that makes a connection with your prospects. At the same time, it’s never been easier to tell it. Here’s how and why.

Marketing resources for financial advisors

4. Content or Links? Which One Should You Focus on First to Build SEO? via neil patel

Anyone studying SEO today will quickly learn that the top two ways to increase website ranking are 1. Sharing fresh, original content and 2. building links back to your website. But which do you focus on first? Which one is more important?

Patel sites research from Search-Engine Firm BackLinkO that states that 75% of Google’s stated ranking factors do not deal with the content itself. However, he also points out that on Google’s own page dedicated to how to make your website search-engine friendly, they list “Give visitors the information they are looking for” as the first, most important step.

This article takes a deep dive into how links (including social sharing) and content both affect your website’s SEO is a great read for anyone who owns a website.

How to Build Domain Authority through links and social sharing

5. Three Components to Successful Marketing for Advisors via iris

The ‘rule of three’ is a writing principle that suggests that groups of three are very effective. Author Bill McGuire believes this is especially true when it comes to RIA marketing. From his experience, those RIAs that are most successful share the three basic characteristics that he shares in this post.

Marketing resources for financial advisors

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