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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: July 16, 2018

5 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: July 16, 2018 Featured Image

It seems to be getting hotter by the day, so if you are staying indoors to avoid the heat, then this is a great time to check out our top five favorite articles of the week! To read more on financial planning, marketing and social media, then check below!

1. Top Reads: Sometimes Doing Nothing is the Best Strategy via GuideVine

When it comes to finance, people may think that doing more is the answer but sometimes, it is better to keep things simple.  Adding complexity to your portfolio isn’t always the best thing to do, and sometimes, it is better to do nothing.

When it comes to personal finance and interest, these simple articles are great to keep in mind:
1. When Doing Nothing Means Everything
2. Be Careful What You Choose
3. With Finances, Keep It Simple, Stupid (Even If You’re Rich)
4. Why Talented People Don’t Use Their Strengths
5. VCs Says These Startup Metrics Don’t Really Matter

2. Summertime, Time to Sit Back and Unwind via SEI Advisor Network

Summer is the time of year when it feels like new beginnings….high school and college graduations, heading to the beach for the first time all year, and it can also be a refreshing time for financial advisors. It’s a great time to time a quick break before preparing for the second half of the year, but also, you can focus on maintaining your client relationships.

Three tips for staying in engaged and maintaining relationships with clients throughout the summer are:
1. I encourage my clients to spend what they’ve earned
2. Motivation Through Illustration
3. Instead of them coming to us, we go to them

To see more about these tips, read more below!

3. Gaining influence-Jay Palter on the Becoming Referable Podcast via The Client Driven Practice
Jay Palter is a digital strategist who works with businesses and individuals to develop relationships with established influencers in their industry. In this podcast, Palter will discuss the roles of traditional and digital marketing and how it is going through big changes. He will also discuss influencer marketing and how to determine if is right for you and how to get started, as well as, effective online networking strategies.

4. Hidden Marketing Gem: Working with the Media via Practice Management Blog

Working with the media can be very useful for financial planners and serves as a great marketing tool. Mychal Eagleson, CFP®, president of An Exceptional Life Financial, said completing FPA’s media training was a smart marketing move for him. He said this was a great choice for him, because two different prospects saw his quote in a magazine and called him because of this exposure.

FPA Media Training allows for financial planners and advisors to  expand their portfolio across the country and meet many different people. In addition to making expansions, it affirms to clients that they made the correct choice when they see you quoted in the media.

5. A 5-Step Plan to Measure Social Media ROI via Social Media Today

Everyone has access to social media, but many people don’t know how to use it properly. Companies have easy access to multiple social media channels, but brands can waste their time and money on this if they are not using them correctly.

ROI can be anything that’s important to your brand – whether it’s awareness metrics, engagement metrics, conversions or revenue. These five steps can help with this, however.
1. Identify Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
2. Build Your Social Media Strategy with Your Business Objectives in Mind
3. Leverage Google Analytics and Social Pixels
4. Build a Reporting Dashboard
5. Remember the Contradiction

For more elaboration on these tips, see the article below!

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