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By Lauren Keeports Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: February 6, 2017

4 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: February 6, 2017 Featured Image

We hope everyone’s February is going well so far! Let’s kick this week off with our first Five Little Things of the month:

1. The importance of leveraging your website as a prospecting tool via Advicent

What does every new advisor need to do when they first break into the industry? Generate business. Advisors, however, often run into problems such What are marketing resources for financial advisorsas having enough time, man-power, or a small prospect pool. Advisors certainly have plenty of prospecting and marketing tactics available such as newspaper ads, television spots, partnering with other industry professionals for seminars, direct mail, or email. Although, these can be very pricey endeavors – especially for an advisor just starting out.

2. Social Media Success for Your Advisory Practice via Oranj

As a successful financial advisor, you know there’s more to networking than handshakes and exchanging business cards. Integrating digital touch points and social media consistently into your marketing efforts is the new normal – it helps you develop connections and further conversations that help grow your business.

What are marketing resources for financial advisors

3. 5 Reasons Financial Advisers Can’t Afford NOT to Blog in 2017 via FPA

Your relationships with clients and prospects need to be strong to weather 2017’s potential storms—the DOL fiduciary rule, a new president looking to drawback government regulation, Brexit kicking in by April, increasingly unstable international markets, and more.

Building that relationship is a matter of regular communication. While your existing clientele may communicate with you via phone, visits and email, the majority of the population is now acquainting itself with new advisers online—specifically via blogs. Yet many advisers still aren’t blogging regularly.

Here are five reasons advisers can’t afford NOT to blog in 2017.

4. 10 Ways to Market Your Business Online for $500 via Entrepreneur What are marketing resources for financial advisors

The internet provides unlimited potential in terms of customer reach and opportunity, and while there is some online marketing that can be done for free, most effective strategies require a marketing budget.

5. Is It Worthwhile To Build Links For SEO Without Content? via Forbes

Link building has always been, and remains, one of the most important elements of an SEO strategy. Most modern link building strategies focus on creating content that, for lack of a better term, houses a link pointing back to your domain, or, in the case of on-site content, naturally attracts inbound links on its own merits. But is it possible – or worthwhile – to build links without content?

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