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By Lauren Beichner Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: December 9, 2019

4 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: December 9, 2019 Featured Image

December can be such a busy and exciting time for us all; with the holidays and the end of the year wrapping up there are many deadlines to meet and many to-do lists to complete. Take a much-needed break from the hectic (but wonderful!) holiday season and settle in to read our favorites articles on using video on your landing pages and in your email campaigns, how to get comfortable with sales, key marketing objectives to inspire your next digital marketing strategy, 5 steps for marketing success , and the importance of using social media marketing.

1. How to Use Video Effectively on Landing Pages and In Emails via Lead Pilot

Utilizing video on your landing pages and in your email campaigns is a surefire way to boost conversions. Incorporating video is a useful way to get large amounts of information in front of people all while keeping their attention for a longer period of time. Take a look at the best practices for including video on your landing pages and in your emails to give you the best results.

2. Ep 152: Getting Comfortable With Sales By Simply Seeking To Find Qualified Prospects To Inform, With Beverly Flaxington via Kitces

In this episode, Michael Kitces joins with Beverly Flaxington to discuss Beverly’s approach to sales training and how to conduct a meeting with a prospective new client. In addition, they discuss the challenges of differentiating in today’s crowded advisor marketplace, the value of having a niche, and why getting more specific about exactly who you serve makes it both easier to generate referrals from existing clients.

3. 11 Marketing Objectives Examples to Guide Your Next Digital Strategy Meeting via IMPACT 

With the new year right around the corner, it’s essential that you start planning your digital strategy for the new year. This article highlights 11 key marketing objectives to keep in mind as you are strategizing for your next digital campaign.

4. 5 Easy Steps for Marketing Success in 2020 via SEI

The most challenging part of marketing is getting organized and developing a plan with clear goals. So, ask yourself; do you have a marketing plan set in stone for 2020? Whether you do or you don’t have a plan yet, this article will help you start your new year marketing efforts off on the right foot with this 5 key step planning process:

  1. Firm Overview
  2. Business Assessment (SWOT Analysis)
  3. Firm Goals and Objectives
  4. Monthly Calendar
  5. Revenue Impact Guide

5. Small Business Marketing: 22 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Media [Infographic] via Social Media Today

If you think that using social media as a marketing tool isn’t effective, think again! This infographic explores 22 reasons why social media is an important and essential investment for businesses today.

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