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By Stuart Farst Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Snow Peak Wealth Advisors

8 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Snow Peak Wealth Advisors Featured Image


For today’s Financial Advisor Website Showcase blog, we caught up with Christoper Hamill to discuss the design and features of the Snow Peak Wealth Advisors site. Read on to learn more about the history and design of the Snow Peak Wealth Advisors website. 





Based out of Kalispell, Montana the Snow Peak Wealth Advisors site uses our Fresnel framework to provide a dramatic and well-organized user experience.

The site’s clean pages are complemented by built-in interactives, allowing visitors to engage information when they want it. The result is a site that gives visitors the opportunity to self-qualify, without feeling overwhelmed.

Below is our Q&A with Christopher Hamill, covering the design process, features and marketing of Snow Peak Wealth Advisors. Let’s dive in.

Snow Peak Wealth Advisors Q&A

1. Can you tell us a bit more about your services and the history behind your advisory?

Our team has been based out of Kalispell, Montana for over 30 years.  Our main area of practice is providing financial planning and retirement planning to the local community.  Recently, we partnered with another Raymond James team that relocated to the area.  With a larger and more capable advisory group, we are still focused on providing the same services with enhanced capabilities and more expertise.

2. The first call-to-action on your homepage references the client-advisor relationship, rather than directing visitors to schedule a call. Can you tell us how your site’s personal approach has helped your marketing?

Our focus is working with clients who benefit from and are seeking comprehensive financial planning.  We believe that by highlighting our process and beliefs, that those visiting our website will be able to “get to know us” prior to actually meeting us.  We aim to be as transparent as possible and find that by highlighting our long-term process we can attract clients looking for a mutually beneficial advisory relationship.


3. Your site recently launched, giving the perfect opportunity to create a content strategy from the ground up. We noticed you have both a blog and a newsletter, can you tell us a bit about your current approach to creating content for these channels?

Too often we’ve found that content is exclusively related to business.  We set out to change the way we communicate by highlighting the personal side of our office.  Our newsletter is a blend of personal updates and business news, while our blog publishes content related to issues clients may be facing.  We will be publishing blog posts more frequently, allowing clients to stay up to date on markets, politics, changes that may impact them, or general articles that we believe are relevant and timely.


4. You also recently rebranded. Will social media play a role in establishing the identity of your new brand? If so, can you tell us a bit more about your social media strategy for each channel you plan to use?

As of yet, we have not made a strong push into the social media space.  With our rebranding and new website, we plan to incorporate Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to our marketing plan.  We will feature both blog posts and newsletter articles, and our goal is to engage our audience with our content.  By leveraging technology and social media, we can expand our reach outside of our local area and begin to connect with potential clients who may be looking to move to Montana.

5. Your site utilizes Twenty Over Ten’s Fresnel Framework to provide a powerful first impression. What went into deciding the framework for your site, and how did you decide to use this framework over the others?

We wanted a modern, yet simple look that will catch the viewer’s eye as soon as they open our website.  Twenty Over Ten’s Fresnel Framework gave us exactly that, and is easily customizable as well.  We spent a significant amount of time with our design team and they gave us advice and recommendations tailored to what we wanted in our website.

6. If you could give other advisors looking to redesign their website just one piece of advice, what would it be?

Our advice would be to decide on how you want to present yourself to your audience.  We didn’t want a cookie-cutter website, so we consulted with a firm in Twenty Over Ten that knew how to build a website based on how we wanted our team to look.

7. Was there any part of the website design process that you were not looking forward to or thought might be difficult that turned out to be better than you initially thought?

The initial questions prior to the design process forced us to do some soul searching.  We had to evaluate our processes, strengths & weaknesses, and what we envision for our team in the future.  While this is not always fun or comfortable, it helped provide clarity and allowed us to convey the information to Twenty Over Ten to design a website that reflects the core values of our team.

Final Thoughts

It’s exciting to see the results of advisors working with our design team. The way each site leverages design and marketing best practices to attract and convert leads is a great source of inspiration. What’s most satisfying though is how these combine to create a unique website for each advisor.

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