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By Stuart Farst Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Kilpatrick Financial Group

7 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Kilpatrick Financial Group Featured Image

Kilpatrick Financial Group Website

We enjoy seeing the different ways clients customize their site. And as part of our continuing “Financial Advisor Website Showcase” blog, we visited the Kilpatrick Financial Group‘s website to see how our client Colin Kilpatrick handled the design process



1.Comprehensive Design

Establishing your financial goals for retirement can be a challenging subject. To off-set this challenge, the Kilpatrick Financial Group website uses a single webpage to make sure information is comprehensive and easy to navigate. The tabs in the upper-right menu move alongside the visitor and lead to different sections of the webpage, providing an extra layer to the ease of navigation. Each section is also clearly demarcated by an image that establishes the purpose of the next topic. Doing so makes the website scrollable and easy to scan, this way topics can be found quickly. Providing a variety of ways to find the information you need improves the user experience of the Kilpatrick Financial group. Kilpatrick Website

2. Clear User Interface to Flush Out Services

Echoing the overall design of the Kilpatrick website, the services section provides clear answers and specific examples of financial needs. An intuitive user interface guides the viewer through different situations, setting the stage for a possible solution. The “Learn More” button is included to avoid clustering too much information into each section. While a relevant call-to-action and email sign up is used in each of the detailed subsections, providing lead capture opportunities and instilling action in viewers. Lastly, following suit with the rest of the page’s design, the services section has multiple forms of navigation, from an Overview tab, that links to other subjects through the “Learn More” buttons, to separate tabs that take your right to a subject, like Investment Management.

Kilpatrick Solutions page

3. Using Images Tell a Story

Appealing to your target audience is incredibly important. The Kilpatrick Financial Group website does this in a variety of ways, from the intuitive Solutions tabs to multiple forms of navigation, the website keeps its audience in mind. This trend repeats in the choice of images. Of course, these images are related to the audience and subject of retiring, but it’s not the individual image that really appeals, it’s the order in which they’re placed. The first and last image of a lake and forest bookend the website, establishing a location, while a retired couple fills the space in between. The first and last images are also day and evening. This makes the site feel like a story, showing a day in retirement. Linking images together in this way makes a website feel more cohesive, especially when it appeals to the goals of an audience. 

Kilpatrick Images

4. Relaxed and Intentional Copy

If the images of the website tell a story of a retired couples day, then the copy sets the tone. Words like “Down-to-earth” and “Nothing to be afraid of” are used to reduce concern and relax the viewer. The copy is supported by the imagery, but it also repeats a similar design decision from point one – it provides an emotional feeling opposite to the concerns of the visitor. Retirement can be stressful, so the copy seeks to alleviate this stress, resolving an audience’s pain point in more than one way. The Kilpatrick site best summarizes this in their Culture tab, stating:

At Kilpatrick Financial Group, we’ve created a culture and atmosphere that eliminates any potential negative feelings you have about money by showing you that there’s really nothing to be afraid of.

5. Highlight Values Through Company Culture

Like the Kilpatrick site, many advisory firms present their team. This adds a level of personalization to a website and provides some background into the individuals you may be working with. But the Kilpatrick site does more. Next to the Team tab sits a Culture tab. Where presenting an entire team gives a window into individual interests and values, the culture tab seeks to present the firm’s overall approach and the values that unite them. As seen above, the copy in this tab focuses on the needs of the client and echoes the relaxing tone from the rest of the website, reducing visitor concern. After relieving this anxiety, the culture section highlights benefits, establishing concrete reasons for working alongside the Kilpatrick Financial Group:

Kilpatrick Financial Group Benefits

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