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By Justin Adams Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Change Finance

9 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Change Finance Featured Image

Change Finance large homepage image

Today’s Advisor Website Showcase features Dorrit Lowsen of Change Finance. We asked Dorrit questions about the firm, its strategies, and how it does what it does. It was awesome talking with Dorrit, we hope you enjoy her answers as much as we did.





Using our Fresnel framework, The Change Finance site draws inspiration from the beauty of nature to support the site’s branding, design, and long-term goals.

Clean site navigation ensures clients can easily find the information they’re seeking as soon as they need it. The Change Finance site pulls no punches when it comes to sharing imagery of breathtaking forests, mountains, and lakes connecting design to services and resources. This allows new site visitors to quickly self-qualify and understand the goals of Change Finance. Not only is it visually impressive, but the content flows well and makes it a joy to read.

Below is our Q&A with Dorrit, covering the history of the firm, the site’s design, and some of the strategies Change Finance uses. Read on to learn more, and discover inspiration for your own website. 

1. Can you tell us a little more about your services and the history of your firm?

Change Finance was founded in 2016 with the goal of leveraging the power of capital markets to create positive change in the world. We launched our flagship ESG ETF in 2017 and, in 2020 it became the first certified carbon neutral ETF. We have since partnered with AXS Investments to help us more widely distribute the fund and we are looking forward to expanding our product lineup.

2. Blogs are good at gaining traction and bringing in new clients. We noticed that you have a section for Insights. How would you describe this section of your site? Is it like a blog or something different?

 Our Insights section is more than a blog: it is a gateway into who we are and what we do. In our Insights section, you can find not only blog posts, but also our podcast, more in-depth SRInsights pieces which showcase our thinking on markets, risk, impact, and more, and special reports.

Change Finance blog page

3. Your site theme seems to lean heavily on nature. What inspired you to go with this design theme? Anything specific?

Our tagline is: Investing in service to life. Our investment philosophy is based on the idea that we must live within natural planetary boundaries and above the threshold for human dignity. The nature theme illustrates the idea of a planet and people in balance. To be in service to life, we must seek to restore that balance.

4. Social media is integral to the growth of your online presence and overall marketing strategy. We noticed you’re active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. How do you go about managing your social media?

We manage our social media in-house. We are probably not as active on these platforms as we would like to be but do think our public presence is needed to create transparency in what we do and the causes we support.

5. Each of our website frameworks offers users a different experience. The Change Finance site uses our Fresnel Framework to create a strong and unforgettable first impression. What went into the process of deciding which framework to use?

When we selected Twenty Over Ten to design our new website, we already had a strong and distinctive brand identity. It was important to us to preserve the distinctive aspects of our identity while moving to a faster, more responsive, more comprehensive site design. We selected a variety of sites we liked and discussed with our Twenty Over Ten designers which aspects of those sites we liked best. The designer actually selected the framework that best enabled us to meet our design goals.

6. If you could give other advisors any advice on redesigning or creating their website, what would it be?

Make sure you know who you are as a company and an advisor before redesigning your website. If you come in with a strong identity it makes creating your online presence easier and clearer for your prospective clients.

Change Finance Methodology on site

7. How has your experience with Twenty Over Ten been so far?

Our experience with Twenty Over Ten has been wonderful so far. The team has been responsive and so easy to work with. We are so pleased with the services and design.

8. Your firm has 3 major risk factors that it takes into consideration including stranded asset risk, litigation risk, and social/reputational risk. What was your process for coming up/choosing these 3 risks?

Our focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing enables us to look at risk in a different way. We find that ESG factors are often leading indicators for the types of risk mentioned. In today’s world, negative social and/or environmental impacts are a significant cause of reputational loss affecting share price and can also identify areas where a company is at risk for costly litigation. It is less a question of choosing those risks and more a matter of having recognized the connection.

Change finance on what they do

9. If you could create an unlimited amount of anything out of thin air what would it be and why?

In our view, a surfeit of things is part of the problem in today’s world – too many buildings, too many vehicles, too much plastic… too many things. Instead of creating an unlimited amount of something out of thin air, we’d much rather take a very large amount of something – carbon dioxide – out of the air. If we had a magic wand that could accomplish that, we’d be well on our way to living up to our goal of investing in service to life.

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