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By Stuart Farst Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Meyer Wealth Advisors

10 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Meyer Wealth Advisors Featured Image


For today’s “Financial Advisor Website Showcase” blog, we caught up with Eren Franco to discuss the history and design process of Meyer Wealth Advisors. Built on our Iris framework, read on to find out more about the design process and the features that help this site stand out.

Based out of Naperville, Illinois the Meyer Wealth Advisors site uses our Iris framework to create a streamlined single-page experience.

The single-page design naturally guides visitors to learn more about the firm through a step-by-step process. As visitors scroll down the page, differentiating factors take the spotlight, while tabular menus offer more detailed information when needed.

Collectively, this drives visitors through information as efficiently as possible, while still offering additional resources along the way. With these features in mind, let’s learn more about the design process of Meyer Wealth Advisors.

Meyer Wealth Advisors Q&A

1. Can you tell us a bit more about your services and the history behind your firm?

Meyer Wealth Advisors used to be a traditional wealth management firm specializing in retirement planning. We’d been working on developing a niche that was right for us for a few years. When the pandemic hit and we went remote full time, we used that as an opportunity to revamp our website and reinvigorate our marketing.

It also gave us the kick we needed to hone in on our niche – equity-based compensation and ESG investing. Now we’re fully remote and we want our marketing strategies to reflect that as well as our niche. 

2. We often discuss how important it is to include fees on your website for the sake of transparency. We love that you have chosen to incorporate fees on your website. Has this feature affected the quality of your leads?

Not necessarily, we don’t think fees are a major barrier when clients are researching financial advisors. We think prospects choose value above all else and our expertise in equity-based compensation is a unique sort of value-add over a typical financial advisor.

Still, it was important to us that prospective clients have all the information they need at their disposal to make sure we’re a good fit. 


3. Social media is integral to the growth of a firm’s digital presence. So we’re excited to see you’re active on the big three (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) as well as YouTube to provide an introductory video. Can you tell us a bit more about your social media strategy?

We’ve utilized LeadPilot for a lot of social media and blog posts to our client newsletter – specifically the ESG and SRI content, as that’s part of our niche. We’ve definitely noticed that clients’ interests are piqued with regard to ESG and being able to create a financial plan that’s customized and consistent with their own values. 

As far as strategy is concerned, we view Twitter as a way to present a more personal, informal view of Meyer Wealth. We want to be on-brand, but we also want to come across as real, approachable people who can help our clients. 

Meyer Wealth Twitter Example

Facebook is where we focus on brand awareness and audience reach. We like to boost posts to try and get our name out there and help the public become more familiar with Meyer Wealth Advisors. 

Meyer Wealth Advisors Facebook Example

We also just launched a new Facebook ad campaign to help familiarize people with our financial planning system. We’re really focusing on promoting that we’re remote financial planners.  

4. Including an FAQ section on your website is proven to boost your site’s user experience and even your organic rankings. We love your FAQ page! Have you noticed that you get fewer questions upfront or that prospects are more prepared for your first meeting with them?

The FAQ section is one of the things we’d like to improve on. It’s a little hidden right now and we’d like to make it more prominent on the website. We think it’s important that prospective clients know how we can help them, but we also recognize that not everyone is a perfect fit so we’d like the FAQs to help people decide if we’re right for them.


5. If you could give other advisors looking to redesign their website just one piece of advice, what would it be?

It’s important that a website acts as a “one-stop-shop” for clients and prospects. A website is like a virtual front door for your business and people should know who you are and what you can do for them. Whether it’s our blog, client portal, or FAQ, we want clients and prospects to have a clear understanding of what to expect from us, and what we know that can help them. 

6. In terms of marketing and growth, where do you see your firm headed in the next 5 years?

As fully remote financial advisors, we connect online and we want our future clients to understand what that means for them. It adds a new level of flexibility and personalization to the services we can provide, and it doesn’t matter if we’re in Illinois and they’re in California or anywhere else. 

That said, we want to grow our presence in the digital space by developing our blog and by making our social media pages a place where people can get to know Meyer Wealth and our personalities. Specifically, we want our blog and social media content to reflect our knowledge and expertise with equity-based compensation and ESG investing. 

We’ve kicked around the idea of a webinar centered around equity comp or maybe a podcast. Things are still in the trial and error phase but the ultimate goal is to create a digital presence that attracts and helps new clients. 

7. Was there any part of the website design process that you were not looking forward to or thought might be difficult that turned out to be better than you initially thought?

The copy and the messaging were a concern initially. We had so much we wanted to convey but we knew we needed to be direct and concise. We’re a team of four and each of us adds our own voice to Meyer Wealth Advisors, but Twenty Over Ten was able to unify that voice.

They took a hodgepodge of ideas and were able to organize them and dress them up to get our message across clearly. 

Final Thoughts

It’s exciting to see the results of advisors working with our design team. The way each site leverages design and marketing best practices to attract and convert leads is a great source of inspiration. What’s most satisfying though is how these combine to create a unique website for each advisor.

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