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By Elizabeth Ritger Outreach

CRM Software Options for Financial Advisors

10 minute read
CRM Software Options for Financial Advisors Featured Image

As a financial advisor, your client relationships are everything. Your job has a lot to do with making their financial lives easier and, in this competitive field, you need every advantage you can get. That’s why your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is such an important choice! Not only does it make your business more efficient but it strengthens your connections with clients by providing personal and accessible service.

We’ve been designing websites for advisors for a quite some time now and during that time we’ve had an opportunity to see first-hand some of the top CRM software providers that advisors use to make their lives easier and their businesses more profitable. Price and special features can make a huge difference in software and which one you choose to use for your firm depends on your business goals and what you ultimately want your client and prospect experience to be. To help you make the best decision when choosing a CRM software for your financial planning business, we’re covering some important information on what you should look for in your CRM software and a handy comparison with some of the more popular advisor CRM options.

choosing the right crm solution infographic

The Review

Below is a detailed review of the prices and features offered by each CRM company. All information is taken directly from each company’s website. For the most up-to-date information, please visit each company website online to learn more.

Note: All prices listed as of May 29, 2018

1. Redtail Technology

What to Know:

Redtail Technology is an integrated CRM solution tailored specifically for financial advisors. They focus on using leading-edge technology and offer cloud-based CRM as well as messaging, imaging and email. Speak, their chat system, allows you to message clients and staff all within the CRM software.

redtail technology advisor crm solutions

Best Features:

  • Priced per database, allowing up to 15 users, all for the same monthly subscription
  • Integrates with other services, such as Morningstar, Riskalyze, LaserApp, Allbridge and MoneyGuidePro
  • Provides complimentary database imports from major solution providers
  • Detailed tracking of your clients’ data
  • Offers client and account reports


Redtail CRM (15 users): $99/month per database

  • Includes: Unlimited leads and contacts, complimentary database conversions, broadcast emails, Free Mobile app, custom exporting, backup and disaster recovery, document management, workflow processes, categorize and tag client records, free support, detailed reports, seminar management and free support

Speak (15 users): $79/month per database

  • Includes: Unlimited messaging, automatic archiving, ability to send and receive attachments, integration with Riskalyze and security and compliance subject to your BD’s approval

2. Salesforce

What to Know:

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform with easy-to-use applications for many industries including wealth management. Their Financial Services Cloud helps you prioritize prospects, attract new customers and manage relationships with existing clients. Salesforce uses AI, analytics and mobile optimization to provide the most up to date technology.

salesforce crm solutions for advisors

Best Features:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Sales Cloud Einstein provides automatic forecasting and insights
  • Bridge line-of-business gaps with intelligent, needs-based referral management
  • Assist advisor productivity with alerts, insights, and a streamlined user interface
  • Offers marketing analytics and data automation
  • Mobile optimized

General Sales and Service Pricing*:

Lightning Professional- $100 per user per month

  • Includes: Complete CRM for any size team

Lightning Enterprise- $175 per user per month

  • Includes: Deeply customizable CRM for comprehensive sales and service coverage

Lightning Unlimited- $325 per user per month

  • Includes: Unlimited sales and service CRM power

*Contact Salesforce for specific Financial Services Cloud pricing

3. Kronos

What to Know:

Kronos offers two different softwares: Kronos FNA and Kronos Finance. Kronos FNA is used for for analyzing your prospect or client’s insurance and investment needs while Kronos Finance is their web-based client management application. Kronos Finance puts all insurance and investment information for clients into a centralized database.

kronos technologies crm solutions for advisors

Best Features:

  • Archives all documents in compliant forms
  • Provides profiles of insurance policies and investment portfolios of each client
  • Gives an overview of sales opportunities
  • Messaging system saves records of all communication
  • Creates reports from specific client criteria


Kronos Finance: $89 per month per user

  • Includes: All your client data in one place, unlimited data storage, integrates with your existing productivity tools and customer support

4. Junxure

What to Know:

Junxure offers two products: Junxure Cloud and ClientView. Junxure Cloud is a cloud-based CRM solution specifically for financial advisors. It was made to help cut down on IT costs, provide consistent service and streamline your workforce. ClientView is a client portal used for client reporting, document storage and content management.

junxure crm solutions for advisors

Best Features:

  • Homepage gives important status information automatically at login
  • Centralizes client demographic and financial information
  • Create, send and capture letters, documents and emails
  • Provides internal reports and reports to clients
  • Basic and advanced search functionality
  • Can transport client’s financial data from integration partners
  • ClientView offers clients a single log in to access personal investment information, historical reports and company newsletters


Junxure CRM- $44* per user per month

  • Includes: Junxure Basics Training or Comprehensive Onboarding (one-time fee), Technical Support, 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating

*Special Custodial and Affiliate Pricing Available

5. Wealthbox

What to Know:

Wealthbox is a secure web-based CRM for individual financial advisors, advisor networks and enterprise institutions. They have client management solutions tailored with slightly different features for each size business. Like Junxure, Kronos and Redtail, their product is made specifically for the financial industry.wealthbox crm for advisors

Best Features:

  • Wealthbox Mail allows you to send and receive emails as well as track clicks and open rates
  • Create custom workflow templates with the ability for coworkers to comment
  • Can view growth opportunities with pipeline management
  • Includes partner integrations with tools like eMoney and Riskalyze
  • Includes support with one-on-one demos, webinars and CRM data migrations


Basic- $35 per user per month

  • Includes: 1 CRM Workspace, 2GB file storage, 1 pipeline, reports, compliant note archiving, mobile app companion, data portability, CRM migration assistance, partner app integrations, Google Chrome extension

Pro- $49 per user per month

  • Includes: Everything in the Basic package plus 3 CRM Workspaces, 5 pipelines, 5GB file storage, API access, Wealthbox Mail, email sync, email templates and themes, account switcher and email open tracking

Premier- $65 per user per month

  • Includes: Everything in the Pro package plus unlimited CRM Workspaces, unlimited pipelines, 10GB file storage, workflow template publishing, dedicated account manager and volume discounts

6. Envestnet | Tamarac

What to Know:

Envestnet Tamarac’s web-based CRM is specifically designed for independent advisors. Their goal is to help advisors provide a highly personalized and efficient service. Envestnet Tamarac CRM has built their platform to work on Microsoft Office 365 with Microsoft Outlook so the interface is modeled after Microsoft Office applications.

envestnet tamarac crm solutions for advisors

Best Features:

  • Can be accessed from both mobile and computer
  • Easy to learn if you’re used to working with Microsoft Office 365
  • Supports integrations with Tamarac Reporting, Tamarac Trading and other third party applications
  • Provides business intelligence reports with data and analytics


Envestnet Tamarac charges based on AUM (Assets Under Management)

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