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By Nicole Skalamera Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: MC Financial Services

6 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: MC Financial Services Featured Image

In an industry as vast as finance, advisors can find themselves getting lost among the crowd. Now, after a quick search on a mobile device, a list of businesses within your area are compiled, and presented. How can the average business compete and differentiate itself online?

This week we are showcasing a special client of ours, MC Financial Services. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, MC Financial provides financial services to people seeking to enhance their investment portfolios. They provide various financial functions to their clients, and were seeking to optimize their website, to better articulate their services. When asked about his favorite feature of the new website, Financial Advisor Al Nocito said “The fresh look and how easy it is to update.”

We worked with MC Financial to help build their ideal website – working to reach their goals while making sure to set themselves apart from other financial advisors in the area. Before working with us, they felt the company they previously worked with was “too large to deal with and really did not understand [their] business.”

Twenty over Ten was easy to work with and the service is great.”


An Interesting Approach to a Homepage

Immediately apon landing on the homepage, MC Financial’s UVP (Unique Value Proposition) is displayed. It is not a common homepage with a navigation bar and links for more information, but rather, it visually engages the visitor with a sleek layout and opening message “When it Comes to Acting in Your Best Interest, We Don’t Believe in Shades of Gray“.  It catches the viewer’s attention and puts all the focus on the logo and slogan. He or she will continue on to the website by simply clicking ‘Learn More’. Already, MC Financial’s clients have been in touch to applaud them on their new site’s usability and design.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 3.11.05 PM
MC Financial utilizes a set color scheme with a modern approach to website design


Simple, Sleek, Optimized

According to MC Financial, their client “really liked the fact that it was clear and simple, and most importantly they understood our core values and how we help our clients.” The links are distinctive, and the text is limited to key points. This allows for the ultimate user experience (UX), because it is easy for users to navigate within the site and find the information they are looking for, while understanding the main point of each page. With their new website, MC Financial is able to distinguish their ultimate purpose and business services.

“…and most importantly they understood our core values and how we help our clients.”


Mobile Responsive

What’s especially important for a business to remain competitive, is for their website to be available across all technological platforms.

The mobile-responsive site works on any size screen and displays text and pictures clearly, giving the user a great experience no matter the device.

One of the main reasons MC Financial updated their website with Twenty Over Ten is because they “wanted an updated look that is usable across many different platforms (PC’s, phones, Tablets).” Design is an important factor in website creation due to interactivity among users. The more design- friendly the website, the more time a user will spend on the website, and the more users a business can capture. Through mobile optimization, a business can reach a broad range of audiences. In fact, MC Financial’s prospective client who applauded their new site lives over 400 miles from their office. With the internet, distance no longer has to be a setback.

Though they are in a highly competitive industry, MC Financial has been able to differentiate its business through their newly designed website. With an interesting, user friendly, and interactive homepage they are able to draw in their potential customer. With their sleek and simple tabs, information is readily available and easily accessible. And with their mobile friendly features, their site is available and user-friendly on cell phones, tablets, and various other platforms. They have captured the interest of numerous investors, and continue to expand their horizons. We are happy to have them as clients, and wish them nothing but success and continuous growth.

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