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By Nicole Skalamera Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Garrett Investment Advisors

5 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Garrett Investment Advisors Featured Image

Whether you’re sailing a boat through the crystal blue waters or driving down the highway to your beach house, the right navigation brings you to your ultimate destination. This is similar with website design. Just as in sailing or driving, everyday as internet users, we travel through each webpage in search of an end destination. And although the end destination is important, navigation is the ultimate key to the entire experience.

This week we are showcasing Garrett Investment Advisors. I had the pleasure of speaking with the President, Justin Nichols, who was able to give me some insight into working with the design process for his new website. As a GPS provides direction, Justin’s website is easily navigated so that any potential client can find a financial advisor (with their choice of location) with a click of a button!

To Justin, the ‘Find an Advisor’ map on his website is his favorite feature. Not only is it easy to use, but it has also been helping their firm gain potential new clients.

“Our business is unique in that we really just want to connect members of the public to the financial advisors in our firm. The map feature on the ‘Find an Advisor’ page is working great, and is doing just that- connecting new clients to our advisors.”

With the map feature, and a sleek, simple design, users are able to navigate freely around the page while also getting a better understanding of the firm’s core practice. In fact, immediately on the homepage, the user is introduced to a fresh, modern design with just the right amount of text to portray Garrett Investment Advisors‘ overall message.


At Twenty Over Ten, we strive to create websites that are extremely user friendly so that site visitors will stick around even longer; easy navigation best exemplifies this practice. The User Experience (UX) is crucial to a well- functioning site. We are dedicated to working with our clients to best meet the vision for their ideal website, and our design team works with them to best meet those goals.

According to Justin, “The entire design process was very smooth. It was evident that Twenty Over Ten focused a lot of effort on the overall design process. From the initial questionnaire to the website training, I was very impressed! In the end, I ended up with a strong site and a better understanding of good website design.”

The design has truly been a success for Garrett Investment Advisors. Ever since the launch of their new website, they have been receiving positive feedback:

New site looks great. I just reviewed it on PC and phone. Great job and thanks!

Site looks great! Mobile site works perfectly and the desktop version looks better too.

Nice update! Looks great… Thanks!

Now, with the launch of their new website, we hope that Garrett Investment Advisors can soar away to new tremendous heights. We are happy to work with them, and wish them much success as they continue to travel forward.

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