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By Nora Bowen Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Forward Thinking Wealth Management

5 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Forward Thinking Wealth Management Featured Image

For this week’s client showcase, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dan Johnson, from Forward Thinking Wealth Management. I got to know Dan and we discussed his favorite features on his new website. Read on for more!

Websites for Financial Advisors
Client Showcase: Dan Johnson, CFP of Forward Thinking Wealth Management

Getting to Know Dan Johnson, CFP®

Dan specializes in helping families who have a loved one who has special needs. He was seeing more and more clients who had loved ones with special needs and realized being a CFP® was not enough training to serve them properly so Dan spent over two years under one of the preeminent special needs planners in the country getting up to speed.

“I enjoy working with them (clients who have special needs family members) because they are very serious and mature about financial planning and wealth management. They realize they are planning for more than one generation and we never have conversations on topics such as “should we short oil?””

Why One Flat Fee

Forward Thinking Wealth Management also differentiates itself by offering one flat flee. They charge $4800 annually, regardless of asset size. Forward Thinking believes that this one flat-fee approach allows them to keep their focus solely on their clients’ long-term goals. Dan shared “One of the best ways investors can improve their odds of successful retirement is through controlling the fees they pay their advisor, the fees they pay for their investment products, and by controlling for taxes as much as possible.”

“Most everyone knows what they spend a month on their cell phones bills, but have no clue as to how much they spend monthly on investing.” – Dan Johnson, Founder, Forward Thinking Wealth Management

Communicating a Unique Value Proposition

The first thing a visitor will notice when landing on Forward Thinking’s new site is the absolutely stunning imagery. The entire site background is a large moving night-sky image. The moving background was added to help portray the values of Dan’s firm and reinforce the “forward thinking” message. Dan shared that he likes the moving images because they are eye-catching and sleek, but also because the constant moment is more modern than more traditional, scrolling images.

Dan also worked with our team of copywriting experts to develop content for the site that would immediately engage potential clients and quickly explain what makes him different from other financial advisors. The tagline “Accumulate Wealth, Not Fees” is the first statement a visitor will read,  followed by a video explaining the value proposition in more detail.

websites for financial advisors
Forward Thinking Wealth Management’s Homepage quickly communicates their unique value proposition


eScheduling Feature

Forward Thinking is a modern financial planning practice all around – including in the fact that they operate virtually, allowing for much more flexibility in communicating with their clients. It was an important part of our job to make sure that the scheduling system was integrated into the site and easily understood by clients.

The “Let’s Chat” call to action on the homepage simply opens up a new window to Dan’s online calendar (via Calendly) where clients can easily schedule a virtual appointment at any time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 9.32.14 PM


What is the biggest take-away message that Dan would want prospective clients to leave with after visiting his site? “I am not like most advisors out there –  there are other choices available as to how you compensate your advisor (you know, more forward thinking)!”

Be sure to check out Dan’s blog and video blogs he will be doing to learn more and get a taste of what makes Forward Thinking Wealth Management unique!

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