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By Maria Ortiz Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Brian Plain

6 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Brian Plain Featured Image

This week I had the pleasure of learning more about Certified Financial Planner Brian Plain and his experience working with Twenty Over Ten for his company’s new  website

Starting with the basics

Our clients have the ability to choose from a variety of themes that can be customized to fit their vision. My first question for Brian was exactly that: what inspired [him] to pick Rod & Cone as a theme for his site? To which he replied that he fell in love with how easy and visitor-friendly this theme was, especially when it came to finding key information that a client visiting his site might be quickly searching for.  In addition, Brian felt that the Rod & Cod theme presented a great opportunity to visually communicate a sense of what his lifestyle approach to financial planning is all about.

I was also interested in hearing more of Brian’s perspective on what makes his new site better vs. the old one. He explained that ease-of-use and a simple navigation were two important aspects that set the difference; but also being able to have a mobile-friendly website that will provide a much better overall user experience on any platform.

Getting the most out of your site

As part of the new site, Brian has a few features highlighted prominently, such as the “Start the conversation feature”, which he explained is the easiest and quickest way for clients to get in contact with him. This feature is currently part of Brian’s homepage, giving potential clients a great resource within the first page they visit to reach out.

On Brian’s homepage another aspect that caught my attention was the tagline that welcomes users to the site:


An adaptation from the previous site, this tagline aims to clearly state what Brian does, and who he does it for, rather than focusing on more general lifestyle financial planning. Brian said he wanted to be more vocal about his desire to specifically help those like himself who are a younger Gen Xer (35) who also happen to have a young family.

Feedback thus far

Brian’s site will be officially launching via his e-newsletter in a little over a week, but thus far the feedback he has received has been outstanding – 

“The new site is very clean and easy to navigate, and clients appreciate how well the information on each page flows and is easily digestible”

One of the things that makes Brian extremely happy about the new site is how people have told him it really communicates his overall style, and after visiting, you have a great sense of what he is all about. This is exactly the outcome that he was looking for, as one of his goals with the redesign was to assure and provide prospective clients who are meeting him person and then looking him up online a perspective of who he is and what his company stands for.

Lastly, I am always interested in hearing more about clients’ experiences with our team. Brian said that the road so far has been great. He mentioned that while working with our team he was able to customize his site and clearly get the feedback he was looking for from us. One of the key aspects that Brian highlights about our work-relationship is going above and beyond to communicate in whatever manner was easiest for him, whether that was a call, online meeting, or emails back and forth. One of our main goals at Twenty Over Ten is to give you the security that we will be there for you, before, through and after your website has launched. Brian finishes off our interview by stating that:

“The Twenty Over Ten model appears to mimic the on-going monitoring & adjustment process I incorporate into my lifestyle financial planning process, which I’m clearly drawn towards”

It is always a pleasure to get to know our clients a little better and understand where they stood before and after their site has launched.

**Additional, custom features and integrations as featured on the homepage of this website are not included in our basic setup cost. Customizations offered at an additional rate of $100/hour. Contact us at hello@twentyoverten.com to discuss your specific website needs.

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