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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Best Advisor Websites Catering to the Female Niche

10 minute read
Best Advisor Websites Catering to the Female Niche Featured Image

You know by now how important we think it is to serve a niche group as a financial advisor. Some may think that if you are catering to a smaller group, then it is limiting the number of people that you can work with, therefore bringing in fewer clients.

Catering to a niche actually does just the opposite of that. It creates more value for your marketing dollar and gives you more quality leads. At Twenty Over Ten, we get to work with so many amazing clients, and each one is unique. We wanted to showcase 5 of our clients today that cater to the female niche! Check them out below.

5 Examples of Websites that Cater to the Female Niche

While we work with other advisory firms that have niche clientele, the 5 below that we will further discuss are the ones that are really making a difference for women in the financial sector.


Based out of Framingham, Massachusetts, Scott Advisory Group was co-founded by sisters, Jessica Scott and Samantha Scott. Being a family business, they value meaningful contribution to their community and have a strong history of advising other family businesses.

They are a female-led business, so they pride themselves on the connections they create and nurture with other female investors.

Scott Advisory Group

They got their start as some of their clients had reached out to them specifically because they wanted to work with female advisors. This alone made them realize that women in this field are missing, where you can speak with them and get the help that you need all an “easy to speak with” approach to business.

They also host events just for women, which have been very successful as they take a very open and relaxed approach to make everyone in attendance feel very comfortable yet productive.

When you see statistics like the one that they included in the “For Women” section, it’s startling to see that only 16% of advisors are women. They realize that if you want to work with female advisors, then your options are limited, so the Scott sisters are working to change this.

Scott Advisory Group


Based in Torrance, California, Angela Dorsey, founder of Dorsey Wealth Management focuses on financial planning for women and is a fee-only advisor. She truly believes that it is her duty to recommends what she sees is best for her clients based on their life goals, risk tolerance, personal and financial situations.

Angela’s inspiration to start her firm began before she became a financial planner. She spent over 20 years in the corporate environment as a senior compensation consultant and found that many of the smart, successful women that she worked with lacked the knowledge and confidence to plan for their own financial future.

Even though it was “common knowledge” to her, she found out that is actually wasn’t to many others.

She provides a supportive environment for women to feel comfortable to ask any questions that they may have without feeling embarrassed. She collaboratively works with each client to develop an Empowerment Roadmap which maps out their goals, current situation, and what needs to happen to achieve their goals. She then provides Empowered Wealth Management to assist them in implementing their plan and to make sure they stay on track.

Lastly, you know how strongly we feel about creating content in a blog section that drives more traffic to your website. The blog for Dorsey Wealth Management is a great one in that it’s updated properly, generally, they post about 2 blogs a week. Also, the topics cater to women so they can go to this section of the website looking for answers.

Dorsey Wealth Blog


Based out of San Diego, California, Engaging Women In Wealth also has locations in Racho Santa Fe and Historic Old Town, making them more accessible in multiple locations. Founder, Deb Sims, is a wealth advisor with over 30 years of experience, so you know that you are in good hands!

Engaging Women in Wealth

Similar to Scott Advisory Group, Engaging Women in Wealth is a family business, except that they are a mother-daughter duo. Though based on the west coast, they serve clients nationwide.

Engaging Women in Wealth

They make their process simple, breaking it down into a 3-step process while helping their clients to grow, protect and preserve their wealth for both the present and future generations.  They wanted to work women, as they realized that many times women have different goals than men when it comes to managing their finances. They want to help them be strong in both their financial state, as well as, the family values that they hold so dear.  We like this simplistic approach and how they strive to help women feel empowered when they take control of their finances.

Another thing that we love about this website is that they call their blog section, “The Empowerment Diary.”  With topics that pertain to women and regularly updated content, this type of blog will really help to drive traffic to their website.


Patricia Kane has nearly 30 years in the financial services industry. Based in Avon, Connecticut, Kane Financial Planning, LLC specializes in empowering women, who many times, have unique financial needs and issues, to achieve financial independence. They specialize in working with corporate women executives, women going through life changes and women business owners.

Kane Financial Planning

Kane’s website is extremely comprehensive and you learn everything that you will get from working with them, however, it still remains neat and clean without any “clutter.”  Everything is broken down into sections and then they give a quick overview of how they can help whatever you need financially.Kane Financial Planning

In a previous blog post, we spoke about the importance of being transparent about how much you charge as an advisor. It helps to attract the type of client that is in your price range, rather than wasting time with an initial meeting about costs. Also, it’s just a good idea to be straightforward right from the start, as it shows your prospective client that you are open with them. Kane Financial Planning includes a very comprehensive “Fees” section to show clients exactly what they will be getting for the price.

Kane Financial Planning fees


Based in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area, Lynn Evans founded Women Of Substance in the summer of 2015. They are a fee-only financial planning firm, committed to helping independent women who have devoted themselves to building a career in the professions.

The Power of the Purse Planning Process helps to solve so many fears and questions that women often times have when it comes to saving for the future and the unknowns that come up in life.

Power of the Purse Planning Process

The Power of the Purse process can be broken down into 4 simple steps and are demonstrated in a simple graph. What are the steps?

  • Understanding Starts with Listening
  • Power of the Purse Expectations
  • Finding your Perfect Fit
  • Ensure Power of the Purse Implementation

Key Takeaways

Working with these clients was such an amazing process. They showed just how strong that women in the financial business are, and what a need there is for it. It is definitely a male-dominated group, so having these firms that cater specifically to the female niche is very important and incredibly empowering.

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