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By Samantha Russell Outreach

Advizr: Reinventing Financial Planning Software

4 minute read
Advizr: Reinventing Financial Planning Software Featured Image

This review is part of our series on Third-Party Integrations. For more, check out our previous posts on eMoneyRiskalyze and Vestorly.

A review of Advizr, Financial Planning Software for Financial Advisors

What Is Advizr?

Advizr is one of the most advanced financial planning softwares available on the market today. From inception, Advizr has been designed with the end user squarely in focus. As such, the software is so intuitive that even a consumer can take advantage of nearly every piece of the process and the platform.

User experience and ease of use is hard-wired into our companies’ DNA and this been widely recognized by users, prospects and industry experts – Jorge Alvarez, Advizr Co-Founder & CMO

From Prospecting to Monitoring:

Advizr offers a powerful,friendly and intuitive experience for the financial advisor and for the end client. The process starts with Advizr Express, the company’s free lead generation tool that can be embedded on the financial advisor website.


Automated Data Discovery

Advizr employs the only automated, streamlined and standardized process for full data discovery that can be completed on a self-directed, advisor-driven, or joint live basis.



Advizr is 100% collaborative from the very beginning to the end of the entire process of lead generation, discovery, calibration, planning, goal setting, progress tracking, intra-meeting adjustments to plan, and quarterly/semiannual/annual meetings.


Hybrid Cash Flow & Goal Based Planning

Smart adaptive model applies cash flow or goal based planning depending upon client case complexity.


How Can I Integrate Advizr Into My Website?

Twenty Over Ten brings you these reviews of third-party integration partners so that you can decide which ones to implement on your advisor website. So, how do you integrate Advzir? Advizr’s game-changing lead generation tool, Advizr Express, is changing the role of financial planning in advisory firms from a boring back-office activity to the spearhead of financial advisors’ lead generation strategy. Advizr Express is a 5-question retirement check-up that is embedded in the financial advisor’s marketing or landing page/website.

Using Advizr’s financial planning back-end technology (including the proprietary Monte Carlo simulation), prospects information and general assumptions, Advizr Express provides a high level overview of the prospect’s retirement situation. This tool can be embedded directly on a website or an advisor can get a custom Advizr page to point new leads to.

Advizr Express is also fully responsive, so no matter where you place the tool on your site, it will optimize for mobile. It is also completely free for any advisor to use. Ready to give it a try? You can access Advizr Express here. 

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