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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Advisor Website Showcase: Rx Wealth Advisors

10 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Rx Wealth Advisors Featured Image

At Twenty Over Ten, we get to work with amazing financial advisors every single day. This is something that makes us feel very fortunate, so when one of them goes live, we can’t wait to find out how the development process went! Recently, we caught up with Chris Roe, Founder & CEO of Rx Wealth Advisors. Want to hear what he has to say about working with us? Keep reading to find out!





Could you tell us a bit about RX Wealth and how you got your start? 

Rx Wealth Advisors was founded in 2018 to provide specialized financial advisement to physicians.  I have spent the last 20 plus years providing financial counsel to wealth entrepreneurs, multi-generation wealthy families, physicians and lawyers.  Over my time, I have worked and learn how the wealthy grow and maintain their wealth.  Rx Wealth was founded because I felt that physicians are a target in the financial services industry and in many cases get inferior advice.  Growing up I always wanted to be a physician, but life took me in a different direction of helping physicians grow and protect their wealth.

Moreover, physicians are experiencing working longer hours, for lower or limited upside income and an exhaustive demand on their time, energy and resources.  Rx Wealth Advisors’s mission is to help a physician navigate these challenges to grow the wealth their entitled to.

You have a special niche focus working with physicians. Tell us more about how you got started working with this particular group and why you’re so passionate about it?

As I stated previously, I had a desire to become a physician and always had an interest in the field of medicine.  However, I was drawn into the world of finance.  Over the years, I have spent my time advising on complex wealth.  The experiences I have learned working with very wealthy clients, I felt can be applied to help physicians grow their wealth.

Before getting your website project ramped up you worked closely with other professionals to develop a branding blueprint for your firm. Tell us more about this process and how it helped shape your business and pave the way for your future marketing efforts.

I worked closing with a branding consultant by the name of Terri Trespicio at Terri Trespicio, LLC.  We spent numerous hours on video calls and going back and forth through email to hone in my message, brand, feel and style directed toward physicians.  

Most financial websites talk about who they are and what they do, through this process, we are able to develop a brand that speaks to the physician and how we understand what they are experiencing today in their medical careers.  We know physicians should not entrust their money to just anyone. They work many years before they lay a hand on patients.  We want them to know we get it and it is not our first rodeo.  

Additionally, we specifically set out to not make the brand and more importantly, any marketing or the website look and say want all other advisors to say.  We had a goal to be a little edgy and different.  Usually being like others gets you into a crowded place where you do not stand out. 

When working with your clients, what is something that you really take pride in? 

When working with physicians we pride ourselves in understanding that their wealth is an extension of them; it’s a resource. The best advice we provide doesn’t just serve their money — it supports their well-being and mindset.  So, any decisions we make are less about sheer market numbers, and more about what they can and want to live with and for.

Additionally, we take pride in the fact we walk our talk.  We do not advise physicians to do anything with their wealth that we are not doing with ours.  

You also got to work with Heidi from our team to design a new logo for your firm. Tell us more about that experience and process.

Having never developed a brand or logo before, the design process with Heidi was relatively easy.  We spent about 1 hour on the phone talking about the Rx Brand and what we stand for.  Additionally, I shared with her some logos I liked, colors and our Branding Blueprint.  She sent me a variation of three different logos to review and chose.  I narrowed down to two and she made some additional revisions.  After narrowing down to 1, she made some final tweaks.  The hardest part of picking a logo is overcoming the fear you may pick the wrong logo and must start again in the future.  However, we, as entrepreneurs and business owners, must quickly learn that we need to keep pushing forward with progress, not waiting to hit perfection.  

Our goal for the logo was clean and straight forward. We do not have any fancy symbols and the name stands for itself.   We found the slight orange accent she used made the logo pop and we are using the orange accent through some of our other branded materials.

What was the easiest part about designing your website, and on the other hand, what was the biggest challenge? 

Twenty over Ten made the design easy, as I had not experienced ever designing a web site.  The process keeps you on track and makes you move forward to completion.

The biggest challenge for me was the website copy, where it goes and how it looks on the site.  You really want to take your time and get it right.  So many websites have the same old boring copy and do not stand out.

We love feedback as we are always looking for ways to better our process and our platform! What did you love about your recent Twenty Over Ten experience and is there anything you would change?

At first, I felt the process rushed me through the website design.  Being a novice at development, I felt like I should have spent a little more time discussing what the website should look like and the copy.  Also, it was a little difficult for more to just give most of my feedback via a document versus a more interactive, collaborative call or video chat.  

However, reflecting on the whole process, Twenty over Ten keeps the site development moving forward to complete.  If we had spent more time collaborating there is a chance that I would have just gone down a rabbit hole and just taken a lot more time to finish. 

If you could describe your new website in three words, what would they be and why? 

Simple, targeted, clean

What is one piece of advice that you could give a firm who is about to work on redesigning their website?

Before jumping into redesigning the site, spend the time up front to define your brand and what you stand for.  This will lead you right into what you want your website to convey to your targeted clients.

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