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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Crown Wealth Group

8 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Crown Wealth Group Featured Image

Photo Cred: Matt Claunch @claunch_photos

At Twenty Over Ten, we have the opportunity to work with amazing clients on a daily basis, which is why we love what we do so much! Once we take a website live, we really look forward to the candid chats that we have with our clients to see how they like their new site and to showcase their unique features and processes. This week, we got to speak with Nick Kolbenschlag, founder of Crown Wealth Group. As a personal CFO, Nick focuses on coordinating all aspects of his clients’ financial needs in order to help them achieve both their personal and financial goals.






Tell us a little bit about Crown Wealth Group, and how you got your start.

My brother, Tyler and I have been Personal CFO’s to wealthy families, individuals and business owners since 2008, but always within the confines of a larger firm. In early 2018, we determined there was a big opportunity to handle real estate transactions for our clients so Tyler got licensed and it felt like the perfect time to launch our own company in order to fulfill our entrepreneurial desires.

crown wealth group financial advisor website

Looking at your new site, youthfulness and energy is a big theme we see. Working as a young advisor with your brother, how do you feel you’ve been able to use this youthfulness to your advantage?

We are a high technology firm which allows us to be on call for our clients at all times, regardless of where we are in the world. Being able to operate on any device, in any location creates a client experience built around accessibility, responsiveness, and efficiency. We both run with a high motor so adding the technology is like rocket fuel to what we can get done for our clients.

As a firm that specializes in finances for wealthy families, how did you get to this point and what made you want to work with this niche?

We were fortunate to come into this world via very successful internships that lead to full-time employment. Our first firm specialized in Personal CFO services and we took what we learned there to launch the platform at a long-standing firm in Charlotte and then again took what we refined to launch our own firm. We have not worked for a large corporate financial services firm so we’ve had the please of learning a boutique approach that is valued by wealthy families.

Photo Credit: Matt Claunch @claunch_photos

You mention running a Personal CFO Model where you handle all things financial for your clients. Tell us about your model and how it sets you apart.

We become the single point of contact for all things financial. We do the initial planning with the client and then utilize their experts, or ours, to execute all of those plans.  It’s our job to work closely with the CPA, attorney, investment team, insurance team, etc. to ensure everyone is on the same page and all activity is managed and reported back to the client as efficient as possible. We are paid a retainer fee to be the client’s representative on all aspects of their financial picture.

After being in the industry for 10 years you and your brother recently launched this new exclusive brand. What was that launch experience like and what advice would you share with other advisors who may be considering doing the same?

It was a lot of work to launch the brand while continuing to service the clients we already had but it was extremely rewarding. Being able to design something that fit exactly what we wanted to represent and who we wanted to represent that to brought a hyper focus and energy to our team. My advice to anyone considering doing the same is to take the leap of faith in yourself. There’s never the perfect time so you might as well do it now.

What is your number one favorite thing about your new Twenty Over Ten website?

We love that we had all of our pictures taken based on our vision and didn’t use any stock photos. We feel it brings character to the site and really lets visitors have a glimpse into our world.

Photo Credit: Matt Claunch @claunch_photos

We love to hear feedback from our clients – is there anything that you would change about your website design process? If so, what would that be?

There were a few times where what we were saying and what was being delivered where not on the same page but the TOT team was open to all of our feedback and made the changes necessary to bring our vision to life.

What would you say was the hardest part about designing your new website and the easiest part?

The hardest part for us, as numbers guys, was to create the visual structure that would be engaging to a visitor.

If you could share one piece of advice with other advisors who may be redesigning their website, what would you suggest?

Make it more personal. This is a business where you need clients to know and trust you so the more personal information, tone that sounds like you, and pictures that represent you the better.

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