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By Blair Kelly Webinars

Webinar Replay: Predictions 2020: How Advisory Firms Will Market and Grow

15 minute read
Webinar Replay: Predictions 2020: How Advisory Firms Will Market and Grow Featured Image

In this webinar, Twenty Over Ten‘s Samantha Russell discusses predictions for 2020 and how firms will market and grow in the upcoming year. If you missed the webinar, click here to watch the replay and don’t forget to take a look at the slides, as well! 

The marketing industry is moving at a very rapid pace, so we want to get everyone up to speed and using the best tools possible, so we wanted to fill you in on 8 predictions that we see happening in the financial industry in the upcoming year. 

8 Marketing Predictions We Expect to See in 2020:

1. Hyper-Personalized Messages are the Only Way to Cut Through the Noise [4:11]

The hyper-personalized message is the most important way to cut through the “noise.” Boring, “corporatey” messages are no longer going to do the trick. So, when it comes to blogging, you should think of the saying, “quality is better than quantity.” It’s better to create a relevant and personalized message versus lots of generic content. 

95% of your visitors will not convert into a customer, but you want to personalize your messages though to get more customers. Additionally, did you know that 74% of consumers get frustrated when they land on a webpage that doesn’t relate to them?  Even if you can’t make your homepage super personal, you can still create emails, landing pages, and then create ways throughout your site to do this. 

Personalization is based on


Job Titles


Content Consumption
Form submissions
Look at the content that individual people are consuming and then send them additional content based on their past search history and interests. So, what do you need to personalize? 

  • Website/Landing Pages
  • Emails
  • Blog Content

personalizing your Website 

When somebody lands on your webpage, you want them to immediately know what you specialize in. For example, you can even see that blog posts are hyper-specific to their niche, as well. 

What if you don’t have a specific demographic? You can pinpoint how nobody is alike and every one is unique. 


It’s essential that you make each person you email feel like they are the only ones that matter, so make sure you personalize your email.

Some simple ways to do this are to :

  • Use people’s first names
  • Personalize the subject line and who it is coming from.
    Establish one point of contact and have the communication come for that one person.

    It’s important to segment your lists much more granularly.

Going further into segmentation, when you do this, make sure that you can segment by age, occupation, what they have read before, their interests, etc. If you do this, then your open rates will increase substantially. 

Email marketing for financial advisors

5 List segmentation best practices

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How do you personalize blogs? 

If you already have a niche, then a blog post can just hone in on that. Structure of the blog post when you can as a question. Try and think about qhat questions people are asking and then see if you can turn your blog post title into that. 

2. Online Reviews and Recommendations Will Become Even More Important to Win Clients [16:00]

According to Edelman, 77% of the consumers that they reviewed said that online reviews are deal-breakers or deciding factors when it comes to a business or product.  Anyone can leave a review on any business if they have google maps. Reviews play a big factor in their SEO rankings. 

How do you stay compliant as an advisor? 

Don’t comment on any reviews.
Never republish reviews as testimonials
Never ask for reviews in writing. 

seo for financial advisors

everything you need to know about google reviews

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Social Media Recommendations

Clients may or may not be talking about your firm proactively on social media if they are happy, there’s a very high correlation that they will share your name. This really increases your visibility. Think about: Do you already have social media profiles? Make sure they are all up to date so people can easily tag you. 

3. Video Will Continue to Produce the Highest ROI of Any Type of Content Dollar for Dollar [22:55]

Video will continue to produce the highest ROI dollar for dollar. It is easy to get through compliance, you can upload it to YouTube, get the transcript and send it to compliance. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money, but if you make it authentic, people really connect with that. 72% of businesses said that video has improved their conversion rate. That’s a really high number, so make sure you are incorporating this! 

Vlogs (Video Blogs)

We suggest these being 2-5 minutes to make them easily digestible and consumable and share them weekly and bi-weekly. When it’s on a schedule, engagements, subscriber rates, and leads seem to have gone up for us.  Remember to always start with a “hook.” Something like a “Did you know that 75% of people did xyz…” Also, you can give a statistic and have a quote so that you can draw them in right from the start. When you add it to your blog, include another call to action other than just “Subscribe.” You can have more than on CTA but always encourage people to subscribe. 

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Never set the video to autoplay. 
  • Keep it focused on just one topic.
  • Break up larger topics into smaller videos
  • Transcribe the video for compliance and SEO boost
  • Don’t forget the CTA at the end.

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Want help with creating video captions? Check out this app right here

4. Businesses that Post Daily on Social Media Will Have the Highest Success [34:04]

Social Media Stories

They’re gaining popularity as it’s so simple and the next story shows up as soon as you are done. There is no scrolling or clicking, it just continues going until you stop. Stories are a great way to get quick engagement and increase story to your website. 

Instagram stories for financial advisors

the ultimate guide

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What are some creative ways to use stories? 

  • Use polls and questions
  • Use links
  • Add locations/tags
  • Use stickers and GIFs
  • Mentions other brands for your followers
  • Give live video a try
  • Invite followers to explore more with CTAs

Social media advertising

Make sure you are posting organically. See which of your posts are performing the bet and then boost those posts. It’s a good idea to create a spreadsheet to help you keep track of everything. Want some more tips on advertising and boosting your posts? Check out the blog below! 

boosting posts on facebook

a financial advisor’s guide

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5. Interactive Content Will Become Easier to Create and Those Who Do Will Gain More Leads [40:08]

This is content that offers a more engaging experience for users. Examples of these are quizzes, polls, infographics, videos and calculators. 

What are some tools that come with technology?

When someone takes a quiz or something, then their information will go into a lead capture tool. So they learn something and the advisor captures their information for future content. 

how to use riskalyze to improve lead capture

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We have interactive content in Lead Pilot, which is our new all-in-one inbound marketing platform. 

6. Marketing Will Become a More Even Playing Field, so You’ll Have No Choice But to Use Automation [44:31]

With marketing and automation, what we are talking about is creating a system where you don’t have to manually do things. When that is the case, things slip through the cracks and people might not get the follow-up that they need. When sending follow-ups to events, if you don’t have a simple way to do follow-ups, then you probably will only do one, therefore reaching fewer people. 

The amount of emails that you send directly correlates with the number of people that sign up for your events, so you need to be able to automate these emails and set them in case you have a busy day and can’t get to it, with automation, you can schedule it. Want to read more about marketing? Check out our survey results below.

Effectiveness of digital marketing survey

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Some things that are getting very popular with automation are:

Social media scheduling, which is great for scheduling out social posts on your different platforms. 

Email marketing, and you can use it to drip on people over time. 

The calendar app on your website so they can funnel to it and book directly on your calendar. Having a calendar link on your website was a direct correlation with the direct number of bookings that you got. 

You want to be able to automate but also personalize it, and you need to be able to do both though, which is why we built Lead Pilot. 

7. Automation with Chatbots

63% of people would consider messaging an online chatbot wit a business or brand. 

Integrating Live Chat With Your Advisor Website – https://blog.twentyoverten.com/integrating-live-chat-with-your-advisor-website/

What are some tools you could use for this? 

LiveChat versus Chatbot

LiveChat allows you to chat with someone and ChatBot is pretty much when you are out of office. How do you integrate live chat onto your advisor website? Check out the blog below!

integrating live chat with your advisor website

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8. Retargeting Ads [49:42]

What is this? Well, simply put users who visited a site and/or took a specific action on a site are targeted with ads that pertain to them. 

What tools should you consider? 



People are 70% more likely to convert when they are targeted. Add tracking codes to your website and all other pages ASAP.  It starts tracking the day that you put the tracking code in. You can do it for a reasonable cost. 

Top 3 Takeaways for Marketing Trends

We hope that you enjoyed today’s webinar and it can help you prepare for the upcoming year. The main takeaways from today are that you should:

  • Start incorporating interactive content
  • Update your website to include live chat and video
  • Personalize your website and content as much as possible. 


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