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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Summer Reading List for Financial Advisors

9 minute read
Summer Reading List for Financial Advisors Featured Image

Summer is in full effect, as temperatures are climb to the nineties, but as a financial advisor, don’t let the summer heat get to you! Stay cool with these quick and easy reads to help build your digital marketing arsenal and assist you in providing the best advice for your clients. Read below for a roundup of some of our favorite summer articles, webinars, and more!

1. AI: What it Means to Advisors Now

Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter by the day and the progression has been groundbreaking. However, while it is a great step for us in efficiency in the workforce, many people worry about artificial intelligence taking away their jobs. As a financial advisor if you’re worried that your job will be replaced by AI, don’t worry. According to SEI, “the basic need for someone with money to be project managed and consulted on management of their money should be done better by a human.”

As financial advisors grow to be more in-tune with the emotions that dealing with money can cause, they can better understand the impact that financial choices can make on a family versus that of a robot. However, artificial intelligence can be very useful in the financial world, as they can process large amounts of complex information and analyze it quickly, which can then be provided to the client via the advisor.

Once the fear of losing jobs subsides, it seems that AI will be able to work closely with advisors in a way that will further complement that work that financial advisors are already offering to their clients.

2. 6 Biggest Email Marketing Mistakes Advisors Make & How to Avoid Them

Email Marketing seems like a fairly simple concept, however, many advisors tend to overlook this powerful digital marketing tactic. Whether you are just getting started or need to freshen up your email marketing, there are actions that should be taken and common mistakes for financial advisors to avoid. In this webinar, Twenty Over Ten covers the below top points for running your own email campaign:

  1. Writing a strong subject line
  2. The importance of segmenting and examples of how you can group your email lists by qualities
  3. How to write killer content for your email newsletters that shows the value in your company
  4. Why a Call-to-Action (CTA) is of utmost importance, allowing for receivers to further engage with your firm
  5. Helpful email service provider (ESP) tools, such as, AWeber, Constant Contact and MailChimp and how to choose one that best suits your company.
  6. Testing your campaigns to ensure the highest engagement rates

6 biggest email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them free webinar by twenty over ten

3. What your clients told me about your website

When it comes to having a well-done website, there are several common themes that you may hear:

  1. Write less, so that your visitors can quickly grasp the most important points with a quick scan. Using too many words can quickly can you to lose potential leads, because the important points are buried.
  2. Use language that is easily understood. There are financial terms that may be easy for you to understand, but not everyone is immersed in the field, which can cause misinterpretation.
  3. Try not to use stock photos, instead use photos of real staff and employees. You want potential leads to see “a day in the life” of your company and feel as though they are getting an authentic look into that.
  4. Video is an important tool that you should be using. If readers can hear a video from the advisor, then they can get to know the personality better, which in turn, can cause someone to want to work with you.
  5. Allow for file sharing, which has many security benefits and helps with organization.
  6. Keep the content current on your website, because it shows that you are keeping things fresh and you are not being negligent of your site.

4. 3 Ways to Make Your Practice Less Ordinary

Anyone can build an “ordinary” financial practice that merely gets the job done. How do you make your financial firm really stand out and not just bring in clients, but instead keep them for years all while growing your practice due to their referrals? We love this article from FPA with tips on how to make your practice really stand out.

  1. Get Clarity on Your Why. It is important to tell people what drives and supports you and why you are resilient. These are the types of stories that will move the reader and allow them to see some of their own parallels.
  2. Set a Unique Business Tranche. You can follow this path based on your “why.” If there is something that you are particular passionate about, then this can be the start of the type of business that you will run. If you have a passion and desire, then this can drive your business financially, as well as, emotionally.
  3. Become a Subject Matter Expert. Becoming an expert in a field, will solidify the value that you have for your clients as a financial advisor. When you are handling someone’s money, they want to be sure that they are dealing with an expert in the field.

5. Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report: Top 6 Takeaways for Financial Advisors

Venture capitalist and former Wall Street analyst, Mary Meeker, released her annual must-read Internet Trends Report this summer. And this year’s report is no exception. At Twenty Over Ten, we distilled the six most important points of the report and share how they can help advisors in the financial industry.

  1. Subscription services are gaining in their popularity for financial advisors.
  2. Phone usage is rising, which is why it’s so important to ensure that your financial site is mobile-friends. At Twenty Over Ten, all of our frameworks are created with a mobile-first approach.
  3. Cryptocurrency is growing in popularity. Because of this, you should definitely be educating your clients on this topic, at the very least.
  4. Daily usage is on the rise, which shows how profitable it is to communicate with your clients on a more regular basis. Revenue gains for services like Facebook are tightly coupled with daily user growth, so it needs to become more of a habit. This can show your client how communication can add so much value to what you do.
  5. Freelancing is growing in popularity, and you can capitalize on this as a financial advisor. If you can find workers that specialize in fields such as marketing and design, then you have a cost effective way to build your branding and complete projects without having to hire someone full-time.
  6. Voice Search Technology is definitely on the rise, and this can impact web presence and SEO.  Financial advisors can take this into account when creating their website and even the landing pages on their site.

mary meeker's 2018 internet trends report top 6 takeaways for financial advisors

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