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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Our Top Read Blog Posts: April 2020

10 minute read
Our Top Read Blog Posts: April 2020 Featured Image

April was quite the month! Businesses around the world continued to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic and as people searched for answers online, we did our best to churn out relevant information for our readers. We pushed out a lot of content, so check out the top ten most-read blog posts from April.

10 Most-Read Blog Posts from April:

1. What’s the Difference Between Google Analytics and Google Search Console?

At Twenty Over Ten, we highly recommend to our clients that they utilize  Google Webmasters Tools (GWT), as it’s not only an incredibly valuable resource that helps users uncover great information about your site and those who are visiting it. The two that we recommend are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. While we do suggest using these hand-in-hand to uncover important data about your site, there are some differences between the two.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics can track over 10,000 metrics, which is a lot to keep up with, so here are some of the most important and useful stats that can be tracked.

  1. Audience Demographics
  2. Acquisition
  3. Landing Page Performance
  4. Time Spent
  5. Unique Pageviews

Google Search Console:

This can be used as a tool to help improve your SEO efforts and organic traffic and tracks data such as:

  1. Search Analytics
  2. Links to your Site
  3. Internal Links
  4. Mobile Usability
  5. Top Keyword Queries
  6. Index Coverage Reporting

Google Analytics Google Search Console

2. What Are Investors Searching For Right Now Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic?

As investors and financial planners are continuing to navigate the economy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it has become even more important to be “plugged in” digital and really boost your online presence. As a financial advisor, it’s already so important to provide level-headed advice for clients, and now, it’s more important than ever to remain relevant and help those desperately seeking advice during this time. So, what were investors searching for most in April?

  1. “What should I do with my 401K right now?”
  2. “Small Business Owners During Coronavirus”
  3. “What is the Outlook for the Economy?”
  4. “Is Now the Time to Buy Stocks?”

If you can position your blogs and website content to provide answers to these topics, then you will be in a great position to help many people.

What are Investors Searching for?

3. LinkedIn for Financial Advisors: 5 Steps To a Great Profile

LinkedIn has 675 million monthly users, so it’s crucial that you not only have a profile but one that really stands out.  As people are searching for answers and financial advisors during the coronavirus pandemic, they will more than likely be turning to LinkedIn to learn more about someone. So, how do you make your profile stand? We’ve got five steps to a great profile.

  1. Choose your Photo Wisely
  2. Create an Informative Headline
  3. Personalize your LinkedIn Address
  4. Include a Summary
  5. Describe your Responsibilities


LinkedIn 4. How To Use Webinars To Generate Leads For Your Advisory Business

Webinars are a great way to generate leads and provide attendees with useful information that they can start using at their own film as soon as they attend.

Up to 40% of webinar attendees become qualified leads.

At Twenty Over Ten, we are big fans of webinars, as they are a great way to provide a large audience with a wealth of knowledge, so this blog provided useful tips on:

  • Preparing for a Webinar
  • Choosing a Day and Time
  • Choosing Tech Tools to Use
  • Promoting your Webinars
  • Following up After the Webinar

Using webinars to generate leads

5. How to Use Instagram for Your Financial Planning Business

An estimated 71% of US businesses use Instagram.

Additionally, the average user follows between 400-500 accounts and 95 million photos and videos are uploaded and shared daily, that is a lot of content for users to look through every day. Based on these numbers, you can see it’s not just for millennials and young people anymore, so if you haven’t already, your firm should be utilizing Instagram. So, what tips can help you do so effectively?

  1. Show and Don’t Tell
  2. Use Hashtags the Right Way
  3. Create Good Visuals
  4. Post at the Right Times
  5. Consider Hosting a Contest
  6. Use It to Build Good PR
  7. Connect with your Local Community
  8. Boost Engagement

Instagram for Financial planners

6. Our Commitment to Helping Advisors With Crisis Communications During COVID-19

Our leadership team is committed to assisting advisors with their marketing and communication strategies and providing timely, relevant content and digital tools to communicate efficiently with clients and prospects.

Our committment to advisors

7. Webinar Replay: How To Convert Website Visitors Into Clients: A Deep Dive Into Automating Processes and Tech With Taylor Schulte CFP®

In this webinar, Twenty Over Ten Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, Samantha Russell and Taylor Schulte, CFP® co-founder of The Advisor Growth Community™ take a step-by-step look at the exact sales process he uses to deliver a massively valuable experience to leads and clients using automation and technology.

Taylor Schulte

8. 3 Critical Website Updates to Make In Wake of the Coronavirus

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people have shifted their business to go completely digital, making it even more important to have a strong website. Three critical website updates that you need to make immediately are:

  1. Update Your Contact Page
  2. Update your Blog Posts
  3. Add a CTA Right on your Homepage

Website Updates to Make

9. The Best Financial Advisor Websites: Spring 2018 Edition

This is an oldie but a goodie, as we rounded up our top financial advisor website from the spring of 2018. Even though it is always difficult for us to narrow down our favorites, we went over six of our top advisor websites and discussed why we loved them!

  1. Vistica Wealth Advisors
  2. C.L. Sheldon & Company
  3. Alison Wealth Management
  4. Fi-Care
  5. FSC Wealth Advisors
  6. Matheson Financial Partners

2018 spring edition

10. 5 Marketing & Communication Tips for Financial Advisors in the Wake of Coronavirus

Marketing can be difficult in itself, but when you add in a global pandemic, it becomes increasingly difficult. In the wake of the coronavirus, here are five tips for financial advisors.

  1. Check Any Pre-Scheduled Campaigns
  2. Update Contact Information to Reflect New Remote Work Situations
  3. Consider Hosting a Weekly Video Chat
  4. Send a Weekly Email to Clients and Prospects
  5. Increase Your Social Media Posting Cadence

5 marketing and comm tips

That’s a Wrap!

We are becoming an increasingly digital world, so it’s important to pay attention to what people are searching for and tailor your content to answer their most pressing questions. If your firm can remain relevant and provide useful information that visitors can utilize immediately, it will serve your firm very well, especially in a time such as now.

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About the author

Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.

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