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By Ryan Russell Company

Introducing Providence – a platform built for Broker Dealers

6 minute read
Introducing Providence – a platform built for Broker Dealers Featured Image

A fresh experience for regulated markets

Our all-new Providence platform makes it easy to bridge the gap between compliance and advisors with Twenty Over Ten websites. Our mobile responsive websites are built uniquely to match the goals and objectives of each advisor while giving compliance full oversight.

The days of advisors’ websites being limited to a template are finally over.


Compliance officers will receive a notification when a website is submitted so that they can review website content through Providence, a PDF, as well as a live version of the website.


Request Changes
Compliance officers can review all website updates, recommend changes, send attachments, and communicate directly with advisors through our live chat feature.


Compliance officers have complete control of advisor websites. No changes can be pushed live without first being approved by a compliance officer.

Manage with Ease

Managing your advisors is easy and seamless with the most advanced tools to ensure a comprehensive review process.

Manage Advisors Dashboard
Manage Advisors Dashboard
Advisor Status
Compliance officers can clearly view and sort through the status of any advisor: pending review, editing, and approved.
Manage multiple advisors and access information effortlessly by sorting advisors by name, email, website submission date, and website status.
Build Your Team
Work individually or manage a large team of compliance officers for more efficient reviews and broader capabilities.

Review with Confidence

Have the best view possible, with multiple review tools to make the  approval process simple and secure.

Advisor Review Page
Advisor Review Page
PDF Archive
All website submissions are archived whether they are rejected or approved for reference at any time. Each website submission is archived as a versioned URL as well as a PDF.
Temporary Site URL
Each submission includes a temporary site URL so you can preview website in your browser to ensure that the language and functionality meets your standards.
Compare their changes
After suggesting changes, review updated submissions with ease using our ‘compare changes’ tool to quickly identify and review text changes between website submissions.

 Transparent Communication

Address your advisors’ needs in an instant with live messaging and notifications delivered right to your dashboard and email.

Live Chat Widget
Live Chat Widget
Compliance officers are immediately notified when a site is submitted for review or when an advisor sends a message to your team.
Attach documents and format your messages through our live chat to better articulate your suggestions to advisors.
Direct Communication
Compliance officers can also communicate directly with advisors via email with our click-to-copy feature for email addresses.

How will this benefit your advisors?

Your advisors will work with Twenty Over Ten to design a website that best fits their goals and objectives.

Fully Responsive and Customized Design
Our theme designs are created with mobile devices in mind so website content will look great on every device, all the time. Advisors can customize their design to fit their brand.

Intuitive Editor Makes Editing A Breeze
Our editing tools lets advisors comfortably add or update the content and design elements of their sites using a full browser window. There is no knowledge of code necessary.

Archived Content and Website
All website submissions are archived whether they are rejected or approved for access at any time. Each website submission is also archived as a versioned URL as well as PDF.

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