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By Nicole Skalamera Outreach

How We Give Back

7 minute read
How We Give Back Featured Image

In the hustle and bustle of everyday work life, sometimes we forget to step back and appreciate the small things that life has to offer. Like spending time out on the water with your family, enjoying that overly sized ice cream cone at your local ice cream shop, or donating and giving back to a cause that is close to you. Little do we realize that many times, these small things come with great – often personal, rewards.


At Twenty Over Ten, we provide tools and services to help numerous financial advisors and small businesses create beautiful, compliance based, mobile-responsive websites. We truly believe that a great website is at the foundation of any business. But to go the extra step, Co-Founders Ryan Russell and Nick DiMatteo wanted to provide the same great design and content management tools of our platform to non-profit organizations as well. The Non-Profit Program offers free websites to any not-for-profit organization anywhere in the United States. After submitting their EIN and 501 (c) (3) number, any non-profit organization can login and use our app to create a modern, mobile responsive website completely for free! This program is a testament to the social responsibility Ryan and Nick feel towards the larger community in general.

“Nick, Samantha and I have always had an interest in a number of non- profit groups. Before starting Twenty Over Ten, I’d volunteered for several years in at a variety of organizations, as had Nick and Sam. Twenty Over Ten provided us with the opportunity to help again,” says Ryan.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.45.17 PM
The Community Diversity Group built a beautiful, modern, engaging website as part of Twenty Over Ten’s non-profit program, which offers free websites to non-profit organziations

The Community Diversity Group in State College, PA is one such organization that took advantage of this program. The site they created is a beautiful, engaging example of what can be done on our platform. Non-Profits’ that may need help with the initial design and website build can also use our platform, but have our staff design and built the initial site. In this instance, the Non-Profit organization is only responsible for the initial design fees (which are at a reduced rate). The monthly hosting, support, and content management is still offered free of charge, for as long as the site remains on our platform.

An example of an organization we were able to help in this regard (by working with their team on the overall design and layout of the site) is the Lycoming County Employment Committee for People with Disabilities. According to the Non-Profit’s Co-chair Jim Hicklin, “The Twenty Over Ten platform is intuitive and easy to work with. Our committee is made up of social workers, so updating a website isn’t exactly our first language. After about an hour’s tutelage with the folks at Twenty Over Ten, myself and another committee member have been able to update the site as needed and train other committee members on how the website is updated.”

Lycoming County utilized the Twenty Over Ten Non-Profit Program to design and create their website initially, which they now manage and update. Their monthly hosting and contnet management fees are completely free as part of the program

By providinig complete access to our tools and services, non-profits organizations (who usually have extremely limited budgets for marketing) have the opportunity to build great websites to get their message out online. Now, these organizations that do so much good in communities across the country can have the same great design and online marketing as other businesses.

“Our website is a resource for our community who are looking for social services in the area. Our website represents our committee in a professional, well organized way, which I believe exemplifies our underlying value.”  – Jim Hicklin, Co-Chair, Lycoming County Employment Committee for People with Disabilities

A great website is the foundation to a successful business, and here at Twenty Over Ten, we are happy to help any Non-Profit organization looking to improve their online marketing and engage with donors, the community, and members.

“At Twenty Over Ten, we are, and always will be, committed to helping the non- profit community. There is no “end-date” to our free hosting offer.” – Ryan Russell, Co-Founder, Twenty Over Ten

If your Non-Profit organization is interested in taking advantage of this program, please get in contact with us: send an email to hello@twentyoverten.com with your organization’s information and we will get back to you shortly.

Take a small step in the right direction, today! Every little bit can make a huge impact.

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