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By Amanda Larson Outreach

How to Use Facebook Business Manager: A Guide for Financial Advisors

7 minute read
How to Use Facebook Business Manager: A Guide for Financial Advisors Featured Image

If you manage several Facebook pages, frequently create Facebook ads for your financial planning firm or work with an outside vendor to manage your social presence you may have realized that it can be a complete nightmare on the Facebook platform. That’s why Facebook debuted Business Manager – a single place to manage everything. But is it right for your firm?

We recently started using business manager ourselves at Twenty Over Ten and wanted to share some of the pros and cons to using Facebook Business Manager, how to use it and most importantly, who should use it.

Pros of using facebook business manager

1. No confusion

Working with many advisors on their social media we get the question a lot – is this my personal page or my business page? A great feature to Facebook Business Manager is there is no confusion between personal accounts and page admins. Once your page is added to business manager, you’ll always see a grey bar at the top of your page distinguishing your business account from your personal account.

facebook business manager

2. Manage page roles & ads in one place

Another key difference in using Facebook Business Manager vs. your personal account is being able to see what pages and ads are assigned to whom. By clicking the “Pages” tab in the navigation you can see which pages each individual has access too. Likewise with ads by clicking “Ad Accounts” in the navigation.

facebook business manager pages

3. Assign partners

With Facebook Business Manager you can now assign partners to manage your pages and/or ads. This is a great feature for advisors who may be working with an outside vendor to setup and/or manage their social presence. Now, instead of sharing password and login information you can simply request access within Business Manager and state the specific level of access, such as “page/ad analyst.” Once your vendor does this you’ll receive an email notification to accept their request.

assigning roles to partners on facebook business manager

cons of using facebook business manager

1. time commitment

Although switch to Facebook Business Manager is free you will pay in your time commitment. The first hurdle to overcome is simply setting up your Business Manager account by verifying your domain. Similarly to Google Search Console, verifying your domain for Facebook Business Manager is a similar process that requires a DNS TXT or HTML file be added to the backend of your website to verify ownership. Once verified you must assign your pages to that domain.

If you are a current Twenty Over Ten user please contact us and we can insert the code to verify your site. Learn more about Facebook’s domain verification and get step-by-step instructions.

adding a domain on facebook business manager

3.poor api integration from partners

If you’re using a social media scheduling software to schedule your posts be aware that Facebook’s API does not always play well with integration partners like HootSuite. For example, as of December 18th, 2017 it is no longer be possible to customize the image, title or description of a link preview in a page post when sharing links to other people’s websites, blogs, etc. Instead, Facebook will pull link previews from the website’s metadata to share on your page.

In addition, in order to customize page post previews for links shared to your own website, blog, etc. you are required to verify your domain first through Facebook Business Manager. Once your domain is verified you’ll have to use HootSuite’s Composer Beta to customize the image, title and description of a link preview in page posts. Facebook announced this API change to modifying link previews back in June 2017 in an effort to stop the spread of misinformation and false news on its platform.

hootsuite composer beta

If you are a current Twenty Over Ten user and you choose not to switch to Facebook Business Manager and are also using a social media scheduling software like HootSuite it is critical that you always insert an image and description in the share/social section of your blog posts. Doing so will ensure that an accurate link preview will populate when sharing on social media. Learn more about how to add share/social settings to your Twenty Over Ten blog posts.

blog post social sharing

should you switch over to business manager?

Ah – the million dollar question. If you’ve read the above pros and cons there are obviously some benefits Facebook Business Manager brings but it is also far from perfect.

Switching over to Business Manager will require you to change your current habits on Facebook and will not be the “regular” way you do things anymore. However, if you are managing multiple pages for your brand or brands and/or working with an outside vendor on your social media marketing switching to Facebook’s Business Manager might be a good move.

Give wings to your financial planning business

Social media can be a great (and free) tool to enhance your business. Twenty Over Ten offers multiple social media packages geared towards starting your social presence and boosting your profiles.

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